Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machines (Departmental Shredder)

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machines (Departmental Shredder)

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machines for High Capacity Shredding – Shred High Volumes of Confidential Documents Continuously. These Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Shredders are used by Large or Departmental Offices.

Are you looking for an office shredder to shred large amounts of sensitive documents? Then we recommend heavy-duty paper shredder machines.


These commercial shredders can shred high volumes of documents continuously. Standard paper shredders need to cool down after a few minutes of shredding. But a large paper shredder for heavy-duty shredding is optimized to shred for long shredding sessions.

Departmental Paper Shredder Machine

Large Size paper shredder machine is very useful when there is a lot of papers for shredding, These machines can run non-stop for long periods and you can put 100 sheets together so shredding is very fast. The smaller ones can run continuously for 8 hours and can shred 25 sheets together The medium shredders can run non stop for the entire day and can shred 50 sheets together And the bigger shredders can be used nonstop for long hours, even for the full day and after office hours also if required.

Alternately if you have occasional heavy loads for shredding, like once-year disposal of old records Etc. you can consider using our shredding services. You can choose a machine depending on the number of papers for shredding in a day.

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