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Note and Cash Counting Machine

A note counting machine is a useful tool for efficiently counting large volumes of banknotes or currency. These machines are designed to accurately and quickly count notes, saving time and reducing human error. Kavinstar is a trusted brand that offers reliable note counting machines at competitive prices. Kavinstar Touch PRO – Mix Note Value Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector (Counting Speed – 1000 Notes per min)A cash counting machine is a valuable asset for businesses that handle cash transactions regularly. These machines are designed to accurately count and sort different denominations of currency, saving time and reducing errors. If you’re looking for a cash counting machine, consider Kavinstar’s range of options. They offer high-quality machines with advanced features, such as counterfeit detection, batch counting, and value counting.  If you’re looking for a note and cash counting machine, consider the range of options available from Kavinstar.

Note Counting Machine Price

When considering a note counting machine, it’s important to factor in the price to ensure it fits your budget. The price of a note counting machine can vary based on various factors such as brand, features, and capacity. Kavinstar offers a wide range of note counting machines at competitive prices. Visit their website or contact their authorized dealers to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Note Binding Machine

A note binding machine is used to securely bind stacks of notes together, providing a professional and organized look. These machines are commonly used in banks, offices, and businesses that handle a large volume of notes.Note Strip Binding Machines – Kavinstar IndiaIf you’re looking for a note binding machine, consider Kavinstar’s options. They offer reliable machines that can efficiently bind notes in various sizes and thicknesses. Explore their range of products to find the right note binding machine for your needs.

Paper Cutter Machine

A paper cutter is a versatile tool used for precise cutting of paper and other materials. It is commonly used in offices, schools, and craft projects. A paper cutter with sharp blades and accurate measurements can make your cutting tasks efficient and precise. Explore a range of paper cutters available in various sizes and designs, including guillotine cutters and rotary trimmers.

paper cutter machineRemember to choose a reliable brand like Kavinstar to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your paper cutter.

Paper Cutting Machine

A paper cutting machine is a helpful tool for precise and efficient cutting of paper, cards, and other materials. Whether you’re working on crafts, invitations, or other paper-based projects, a paper cutting machine can make your work easier and more professional.

Paper Cutting Machines (Manual Handheld Paper Cutter) – Kavinstar India

Look for a paper cutting machine with adjustable settings and safety features to ensure accurate and safe cutting. Kavinstar offers a variety of paper cutting machines suitable for different needs.

Spiral Binding Materials

Spiral binding materials are essential for creating professional-looking notebooks, reports, and other documents. These materials include spiral coils, binding covers, and binding machines. Whether you’re setting up an office, a print shop, or simply need spiral binding materials for personal projects, it’s important to choose high-quality materials.


Look for durable and sturdy spiral coils that can securely hold the pages together. Additionally, consider binding covers that provide protection and a polished finish to your documents.


Kavinstar offers a range of reliable spiral binding materials that ensure a professional and long-lasting result. Explore their selection to find the right materials for your binding needs.

Paper Shredder Machine

A paper shredder is an essential tool for securely disposing of sensitive documents. Whether you need to destroy confidential files, personal information, or other important paperwork, a paper shredder can help prevent unauthorized access. Invest in an industrial paper shredder machine for heavy-duty shredding needs. 

Kavinstar OS 008CD Personal Use Paper Shredder Machine Shred Upto 8 Sheets (70gsm) at a time with CD, Credit Card Separate Slot – Kavinstar India

It provides powerful performance and ensures the thorough destruction of paper materials. Look for reliable brands like Kavinstar to ensure quality and durability.

Industrial Paper Shredder Machine

An industrial paper shredder machine is specifically designed for heavy-duty shredding tasks in large-scale operations. These machines are capable of shredding large volumes of paper, cardboard, and other materials efficiently.


Kavinstar’s industrial paper shredder machines offer powerful performance, high shredding capacities, and advanced safety features. When it comes to handling sensitive or confidential documents in an industrial setting, investing in a reliable brand like Kavinstar ensures secure and efficient shredding.

UV Lamp for Bank Use

A UV lamp is an essential tool for banks and financial institutions to detect counterfeit banknotes. UV lamps emit ultraviolet light that reveals hidden security features on genuine banknotes, such as UV markings or watermarks.

KAVINSTAR Mini Jumbo Digital UV Lamp Fake Note Detector with Blue UV Light and White Light(Compact) in Metal Body, Best for Banks, Shops and Professional Use

When choosing a UV lamp for bank use, it’s crucial to opt for a high-quality and reliable product to ensure accurate detection. Look for UV lamps specifically designed for bank use, such as those offered by Kavinstar. These lamps are designed to provide optimal UV light intensity and durability.

UV Lamp for Cheque

A UV lamp is also essential for verifying the authenticity of cheques. UV lamps can reveal hidden security features, such as UV ink or UV patterns, which are present on legitimate cheques.


To ensure the accuracy and security of cheque verification, it’s important to choose a reliable UV lamp specifically designed for this purpose. Kavinstar offers UV lamps suitable for cheque verification, designed to provide optimal UV light intensity and durability.

Mix Note Counting Machine

A mix note counting machine is a versatile device that can accurately count and sort mixed denominations of banknotes. These machines are particularly useful for businesses that handle a variety of currencies or deal with large volumes of mixed notes. Kavinstar offers mix note counting machines with advanced features such as counterfeit detection, batch counting, and value counting. Choose a reliable brand like Kavinstar to ensure accurate and efficient counting of mixed notes.

Mix Note Counting Machine Price in India and Kavinstar Brand

When considering the price of a mix note counting machine in India, it’s important to compare different options available in the market.


Kavinstar is a reputable brand known for offering reliable and feature-rich mix note counting machines. To get accurate and up-to-date pricing information, you can visit Kavinstar’s official website or contact their authorized dealers in India. Compare the features, specifications, and pricing of different models to find the right mix note counting machine that fits your requirements and budget.

Why You Should Buy a Cash Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector from Kavinstar:

Our cash counting machine with a fake note detector is equipped with high-quality sensors. Its mechanical parts are capable of detecting the most advanced Indian fake notes while ensuring smooth counting. Our products are widely appreciated for their superior quality and competitive price.

We also welcome dealers who are interested in purchasing bulk quantities. If you are looking for a note counting machine in Delhi, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us at +91 11 4082 0044 during office hours (10:00 am to 06:00 pm, Monday to Saturday) for pricing inquiries. We take pride in serving numerous banks, private sectors, and government institutions.

At Kavinstar, we have established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that enables us to produce top-quality products with innovation. We continuously upgrade our technology to keep up with the evolving trends in the market. Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience, allowing us to cater to diverse demands from our clients. To ensure the highest quality standards, we have equipped our quality inspectors with advanced testing facilities, enabling them to conduct stringent tests on our products.

Whether you need note counting machine repair in Delhi, want to know the bundle note counting machine price, or are searching for currency counting machine dealers and prices in Delhi, we have got you covered. 


In conclusion, note counting machines, paper shredders, paper cutters, cash counting machines, paper cutting machines, note binding machines, spiral binding materials, industrial paper shredder machines, UV lamps for bank use, mix note counting machines, and UV lamps for cheques are essential tools for various business and office needs. Choosing reliable brands like Kavinstar ensures quality, durability, and advanced features.

Whether you require a note counting machine to efficiently count large volumes of currency, a paper shredder for secure disposal of sensitive documents, or a paper cutting machine for precise and professional cuts, Kavinstar offers a range of options to suit your requirements.

Investing in an industrial paper shredder machine guarantees powerful performance and thorough destruction of paper materials. UV lamps are crucial for bank use and cheque verification, helping to detect counterfeit banknotes and ensure the authenticity of cheques.

Spiral binding materials, including spiral coils and binding covers, play a significant role in creating professional notebooks and documents. Kavinstar provides high-quality materials that offer durability and a polished finish.

When considering the price of mix note counting machines, it is important to compare options available in India. Kavinstar is a trusted brand that offers reliable mix note counting machines with competitive pricing. To get accurate pricing information, visit their official website or contact their authorized dealers in India.

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