Lamination Machines (Document Pouch Laminator)

Lamination Machines (Document Pouch Laminator)

Document Lamination Machines Our wide selection of Laminating Equipment ranges from hot film to cold film and pouches to rolls. Lamination is a popular process that involves a laminating machine encapsulating a document on either one or both sides with an adhesive plastic, which covers and protects the encased document from everyday wear and tear. Bookmarks, photos, reports, menus, posters, training guides, and more are all ideal applications for lamination.lamination-machine-dealers-in-delhi


Kavinstar offers many different types of laminating equipment, geared towards your unique applications. A pouch laminator allows operators to laminate documents with a three-sided pouch and no rolls required. A thermal, or hot roll, laminator utilizes rolls of film with heat-activated adhesive to encase a document on both sides. A pressure-sensitive laminator runs film with a special, pressure-activated adhesive which is ideal for temperature-sensitive inks and substrates. Finally, a wide format laminator gives operators the ability to laminate posters, graphics, displays, and more at the touch of a button. When it comes to laminating products, we all have the items you need to get you started with your business. We offer guaranteed low prices on pouch laminators, ideal for most companies and small operations Aside from the machines, we also offer films, lamination cards, and other accessories, and necessary items to get you started with your business or if you want to get started in creating high-quality output. Please check our inventory to see the range of products and accessories we offer we are confident that we carry the best products and machines that you need.

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