Loose Note Counting Machines (Cum Fake Note Detector)

Loose note counting machines, also known as currency counting machines with fake note detectors, are essential tools for efficient and accurate cash counting. These machines are equipped with software that helps detect various types of counterfeit notes, including double notes, chain notes, half notes, and jammed banknotes. They offer a reliable solution to ensure the authenticity of the currency being counted.


In our series, we offer three regular and user-friendly models that provide up to 4-8 hours of continuous counting, processing up to 1000 bills per minute. These machines save you valuable time by automating the counting process, increasing accuracy, and eliminating errors. With their reliable performance, they allow you to focus on other tasks and maximize your productivity.note-counting-machine-price-in-himachal-pradesh

Our loose note counting machines with fake note detectors are designed to streamline cash counting processes and bring efficiency to various environments. Whether it’s in offices, banks, shops, shopping malls, movie theatres, showrooms, properties dealers, jewellers showrooms, financial institutions, or cash collection centers, these machines prove highly useful. They are especially beneficial for individuals or businesses that deal with a large volume of cash on a daily basis.

The loose note counting machine accurately counts open/loose notes without the need for them to be tied together. Some machines can count all types of currency of the same value, while others can count mixed notes with varying values. The machine displays the number of notes that have been counted and also alerts you to any detected fake notes. With built-in fake note detection capabilities, you can ensure the authenticity and security of your cash.

Investing in a loose note counting machine with a fake note detector from Kavinstar ensures accurate and efficient cash counting while providing protection against counterfeit notes. Enjoy the benefits of efficient and secure note counting with our reliable machines.

In conclusion, our loose note counting machines with fake note detectors are essential tools for efficient and accurate cash counting. They offer reliable performance, automated counting processes, and the ability to detect counterfeit notes. With user-friendly features and continuous counting capabilities, they save time and increase productivity. Suitable for various environments and ideal for businesses that handle large volumes of cash, these machines streamline cash counting processes and provide security and authenticity for your currency. Invest in our reliable loose note counting machines with fake note detectors from Kavinstar and experience efficient and secure note counting.