Comb Binding Plastic Spico

Comb Binding Plastic Spico is a popular, industry-standard binding method- one of the oldest and most economical ways to bind your proposals, presentations, and other projects. This binding method involves spreading a plastic comb and inserting punched documents through the teeth.


The plastic comb is then closed, creating a secure project that is easily perused and stored. Therefore allowing for easy modification after the document has been bound. Simply reopen the comb to make changes, if necessary.


Plastic Comb binding is a very popular binding method due to its professional look. It is also known as Cerlox (sometimes Surelox or Surlox) or 19-ring comb binding. This method is extremely easy to use, cheap and can be reused. It offers a basic closure for sheets over 400 pages that can lay flat. It is most commonly seen in schools, colleges, and offices. Plastic Combs come in two main colours- white and black. These cerlox are of very high quality. They are cost-effective and very durable at the same time.