Note Counting Machine Price in Bengaluru

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These cash counting machines come with a warranty. They count your money with 100% accuracy, and easily. Moreover, their counting speed is super fast. Buy Best Note Counting Machines in India at Reasonable Price.

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Note Counting Machine Price in Bangalore

Type Min Price Max Price
Basic Cash Counter Rs 5500/Piece Rs 7000/Piece
Semi Value Cash Counter Rs 7000/Piece Rs 12000/Piece
Mix Value Cash Counter Rs 12000/Piece Rs 21000/Piece
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If you are looking for a machine that is suitable for high volume business requirements, then the Kavinstar Value Master Mix Note counting machine is the best one for your needs. The Sturdy design is highly suitable for business usage. It comes with advanced Japanese sensors, which provide better accuracy while counting the notes.

Buy online Note Counting Machine in Bengaluru

The machine supports mixed note counting features with value checking. So, you can get the total number of notes and the denomination check. In high-volume currency checking, you will find this feature useful. This product comes with an advanced counterfeit note detection feature. The Ultraviolet, Magnetic, and Infrared sensors identify the fake currency notes.


The fake currency note detection is equipped with an alarm. The big and bright LCD display of this machine does not only show the counting details, but flashes in red, with the alarm buzzer to indicate the fake note detection. So, you can remove the fake note immediately and continue with the checking.

The machine has a speed of 1,000 notes per minute, which is considered fast. Unlike the other machines, you need to properly clean the machine to prevent the notes from jamming. In short, this currency counter machine comes with all of the features that you might need. Selecting the right money counter can often be an issue; hence we have highlighted the best ones for you, along with the buying guide to help you make the best choice.


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If you are looking to keep your business safe against the fake currency notes accuracy issues when you count lots of cash, then you should buy a note counting machine. Buying a cash counting machine in India gives you the freedom to manually counting the currency notes. Also, it helps you get total value calculation, add, bath with ease.

As we bought the cash note counting machine for our office, Cash Counter use, General Store, Financial Institutions, Banks, Property Dealer, Jewellers, etc. We had to do the proper research for the same. While doing the research, we found a few great products that you should check out. In this post, we are going to share the list of the best cash counting machines with fake note detector in India that you can buy from with ease.


10 Best Note Counting Machine Price in Bangalore

Following is the list of the best note counting machine which you must have in your workplace to save time with 100% accuracy. Let us look at them one by one.

Product Image Product Key Product Link
mix-value-counting-machine-with-fake-note-detector Model: Value Master
Main Features: Mix Note Total Value Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: 
Sort Mode for Sorting Different Denomination Notes
Check Price
mix-note-counting-machine-with-fake-note-detector-1 Model: Mix Master
Main Features: Mix Note Total Value Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: 
Sort Mode for Sorting Different Denomination Notes.
Check Price
Main Features: Mix Note Total Value Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: 
Sort Mode for Sorting Different Denomination Notes
Check Price
heavy-duty-cash-counting-machine-with-fake-note-detector Model: Velchek
Velchek Main Features: Note Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Semi Value Counter
Check Price
Currency Counting Machine Dealers in Chandigarh Model: OLC Prime
Main Features: Note Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Semi Value Counter
Check Price
currency-counting-machine-dealers-in-nadaun Model: NP-150LCD
Main Features:
 Note Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Semi Value Counter
Check Price
cash-counting-machine-with-fake-note-detector-godrej-500x500 Model: Count Matic
Main Features: Note Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Semi Value Counter
Check Price
cash counting machine with fake note detec8 Model: Top Loader
Main Features: Note Counting with UV, MG Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Top Loading
Check Price
currency counting machine Model: K 2500
Main Features: Note Counting with UV, MG, MT, IR Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Semi Value Counter
Check Price
currency counting machine delhi Model: VC 2108
Main Features: Note Counting with UV, MG Fake Note Detection
Special Features: Auto Start Bill Counter
Check Price


How To Choose A Right Note Counting Machine For Your Work

In order to buy a note counting machine, you must look into a few factors to manage your finances is not a meager job. It takes a lot of opinions and loads of assurance for it to work out. But knowing the best is not enough, you need to know how to handle it and keep it around for a long time. So we have curated answers for some very important questions customers generally have while purchasing a note counting machine in India.

Video – Demonstration

Note Counting Machine – Buying Guide

#1 – Speed 

The speed of the note counting machine is a major feature that you should not ignore. The sole reason you are buying the note counting machine is that you want to get notes checked and counted faster than a human being. The average speed of a human is to count nearly 100-150 currency notes in a minute. But the machine is much faster than the same. The average speed of the note counter machine is somewhere between 900 notes to 1500 notes per minute. The industrial machines do have faster speeds than the 1500 notes per minute. If you are getting any machine with less speed than 900 notes per minute, then you should not consider buying that machine. 

#2 – Type of Machine 

There are two common types of note counting machines. The Portable and countertop machines are the two common types that you’ll find useful. But due to the different use cases of these machines, you should consider your usage first and then choose the right one. 

Portable note counting Machine 

– The portable note counting machine is smaller in size and has less speed. But such machines are portable, and you can carry them with you to different locations. It’s quite easy to carry these machines and check the currency notes’ authenticity wherever you go. The pigmy bank agents, money collectors, and even the bank employees will find the portable note counting machine useful. Such machines are similar to regular ones, but the size and speed are quite less.  

Countertop Note Counting Machine 

– These are the most common types of machines you spot in the banks and other institutions. The countertop currency counter machines are very fast and have a huge hopper size. That means you can count thousands of notes within a few minutes with such machines. The countertop machines are heavy, and you cannot move them. So, they should be placed in one location. That might seem inconvenient for some, but that’s why there are portable ones who want to carry currency counting machines with them. 

#3 – Operation Type  

Not all currency counting machines are multipurpose and feature-rich. The counting and operating type of machines are quite different. You should choose them according to your requirements. 

Bills Counter 

– Some machines only count the number of currency bills without any denomination counting. Such machines don’t show you the total amount of money but only show you the number of currency notes that it has checked. If you add mixed denomination notes in the machine, then it will not separate the denominations but will count all the notes as the same. It’s good if you only get to use the machine for counting the same denomination counting notes.

Mixed Denomination Counter 

– The Mixed Denomination check machine is quite common all around the world. Such machines automatically identify and calculate the different denomination currency notes with ease. There are no issues with the accuracy as the machine automatically identifies the currency value and shows you the same on the counter. 


– The sorter machine is a special type of note counting machine. It not only checks and counts the notes but also sorts them if their denomination is different. This is usually helpful in cases where you’ve put the bundle of notes for checking without sorting it out. 

#4 – Counterfeit Note Detection 

Nowadays, getting a counterfeit note in the bundle of notes is quite normal. We don’t want to face losses due to counterfeit notes. So, the note counting machines do the job of identifying the counterfeit currency notes for us. With the different markers set by the currency issues, i.e., Reserve Bank of India, the machine automatically identifies the fake notes and removes them from the note stack.

Also, you get to listen to the buzzer alarm when the machine detects a counterfeit note. With electromagnetic sensors, optical sensors, and Ultraviolet light, the machine identifies the fake notes. Ensure maximum security features for counterfeit currency detection in the machine you are going to buy. Otherwise, some counterfeit currency would make a way in your currency stacks. 

#5 – Hopper 

The Hopper is the space where you keep the currency notes for the machine to check. Bigger the hopper size, the more notes you can stack for faster counting. Having a big hopper size is important. But, please consider the counting speed with the hopper size. If the speed is very high, then having a big hopper makes sense. But when the counting speed is low, you should not worry about the hopper size, as stacking large amounts of notes will not significantly impact processing. In short, choose the machine that has a decent hopper size according to the counting speed. But having a bigger hopper is an advantage. 

#6 – Accuracy 

Accuracy is one of the biggest factors that you have to consider. Without accuracy in counting the notes and even finding the counterfeit notes, you may end up with losses. So, better get the machine with good user reviews about the currency in counting and finding the fake notes. Otherwise, it will not be a value-for-money purchase for your needs.


Currency Counting Machine Dealers in Chennai


How to choose cash counting machines?

As you can see from our list, currency counting machines are available in different ranges and prices. Here are some features explained to help you make a decision regarding the counting machine you want to buy.
• UV scanning and magnetic detection: Original currency notes are programmed to pass through UV light and pass the magnetic tests. A fake note will be caught by these sensors and not allowed to go through.
• Mixed bills add a feature: While most machines give you the final count of the notes alone, , there are some machines that can even evaluate the value of each note, do the math, and give you the final value of the notes passed through.
• Batch feature. This is a feature that some machines have to group a particular number of notes together for you to tie up with a rubber band and deposit in your bank. These are very helpful if you run a business where you get huge amounts of cash

How do you use a cash counting machine?

All you have to do is place the currencies in their respective slots and the machine will automatically detect the denomination and do the calculation for you. Another additional feature of a cash counting machine that some of the top machines have is the fake note detector, which automatically alerts you when there is a fake note among your stack.

Can money counting machines be wrong?

While considering that money counting machines are an alternative to manual cash counting which can be flawed, yes, cash counting machines are accurate. They come with an error system which detects when there is an error in the kind of currency that is passed through.
Another hindrance that the cash counting machine has is that your notes need to be legit. This is when the notes are intact without incurring damage or wear and tear.

Can money counting machines detect fake money?

Yes. Cash counting machines can detect fake money one of the reasons a lot of firms use it for, in fact. Magnetic detection is one of the ways you can defect if a currency note is fake or not. The Indian currency has magnetic ink which is how the notes are being made. When this goes through the machine, it detects if a currency is counterfeit by searching for traces of the magnetic

How accurate are money counting machines?

The best cash counting machines have an accuracy rate of 99.9% which is perfect for those running big businesses. Given the fact that cash counting machines detect coins too, it is only an added advantage.
Apart from these unique features, any good cash counting machine should be able to identify torn notes or half notes and notes that are stuck together. It’s always advisable to put notes through the machine twice to ensure accuracy.

How to clean note counting machine?

Cleaning the Hopper, Stacker and the internals of the note counter machine is important. We cannot use water or damp cloth to clean this machine’s internals as it’s an electronic machine. You should take the micro-fiber cloth or anti-static brush to remove the dust and debris from the internal components. Optionally, you can use mild rubbing alcohol to effectively disinfect the machine and remove all the dust and debris remnants.
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Sorting and counting money takes time. Time is money. Therefore, it only makes sense to make the cash counting process as accurate, quick, and painless as possible.

Banks, government agencies, churches, as well as businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, and retail shops invest and rely on cash counting machines. Yet some people remain suspicious, mostly because they seem too easy — almost like cheating — when in fact these machines can eliminate cheating by providing instantaneous accuracy and detecting counterfeit currency.

So, how do cash counting machines work? Most machines are simple to operate, portable, and require little or no training. But a little extra knowledge can serve you well in time and money savings.

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