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Kavinstar Rino-S55 Continue Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine


Elevate your document disposal efficiency with the Kavinstar Rino-S55 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine.

Product Specifications:

– Model: Rino-S55 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine

– Shred Type: Strip Cut – Entry Width: 410mm

– Shred Size Options: 8/12mm – Running Cycle: 4-6 hours of continuous shredding (approx.)

– Sheet Capacity: 50-60 sheets (A4 size, 70 GSM) – Production Capacity: 80-100 kg per hour

– Bin Capacity: 150 liters (approx.) – Machine Size (LxWxH): 711 x 762 x 1054 mm (approx.)

– Weight: 180 kg (approx.)   – Motor: 2 HP (Three Phase)

– Power Consumption: 2.3KW – Power Supply: 440V AC

Warranty T & C: Goods once sold are not returnable /non-refundable basis. Off-site manufacturing defect warranty only on electronic components will be provided to the customers who have bought a product from the original brand dealer Arun Automation for: 1 Year

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Key Features:

1. Large Entry Width: With an entry width of 410mm, the Rino-S55 can accommodate larger documents, reducing the need for manual preparation.

2. Flexible Shred Size: The machine offers two shred size options – 8mm and 12mm – allowing you to choose the level of security for your shredded materials.

3. Prolonged Running Cycle: Boasting a 4-6 hour running cycle, this shredder is suitable for prolonged shredding tasks without interruptions.

4. High Sheet Capacity: With the ability to shred 50-60 sheets (A4 size, 70 GSM) in a single pass, the Rino-S55 ensures efficient and speedy document disposal.

5. Robust Production Capacity: This machine can handle a production capacity of 80-100 kg per hour and can even shred 7-ply materials, making it perfect for heavy-duty usage.

6. Large Bin Capacity: The 150-liter bin provides ample space for shredded materials, minimizing the frequency of emptying.

7. Durable Design: The machine’s robust construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity and reliable performance.

8. Three-Phase Motor: The powerful 2 HP three-phase motor delivers consistent and efficient shredding.

Experience the power of efficient document disposal with the Kavinstar Rino-S55 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine. Its large entry width, high sheet capacity, and robust production capabilities make it the perfect solution for businesses with demanding shredding needs. Trust in Kavinstar for reliable and heavy-duty shredding solutions.

Designed for heavy-duty usage, this machine offers advanced features and a high sheet capacity, making it ideal for businesses, organizations, and institutions with substantial shredding needs.