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Kavinstar RINO S55 Heavy Duty Strip Cut Paper Shredder Machine or Newspaper Katran Machine Shred Upto 50-60 Sheets at a time

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Technical Specification
Model: RINO S-55.
Entry Width: 410 mm.
Shred Size: 8/12 mm.
Running Cycle: 4-6 Hour Continue Shredding (Approx.).
Sheet Capacity: 50-60 Sheets (A/4 Size 70 gsm).
Production Capacity: 80-100 Kg Per Hour & it can also shred 7 Ply at a time.
Shred Type: Strip Cut.
Bin Capacity: 150 ltr.(Approx.).
Machine Size (LxWxH): 711 x 762 x 1054 mm (Approx.).
Weight: 180 kg. (Approx.).
Motor: 2 H.P. (3 Phase).
Power Consumption: 2.3KW.
Power Supply: 440V AC.
Item Shred: Paper, Shred CD, Credit Cards, Catalog-Brochure & Card Board, etc.
Features: Built with 90 Degree Rotation Wheel Easy to Move and Use With Rotary Power Switch Forward and Reverse Option with Good Quality Power MCV Switch.
Uses: Heavy Duty Continue Shredding for Bulk Quantity of Confidential Documents.


Warranty: 1 Year

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The Kavinstar Rino S25 Heavy Duty Strip Cut Paper Shredder Machine is very suitable to continue to shred up to 4-6 hours. Its shred machine item like Paper, Shred CD, Credit Cards, Catalog-Brochure & Card Board in Bulk Quantity.

With a strip-cut paper shredder, you can shred paper documents into long, narrow strips. This type of shredder advantage is that you can shred quickly and easily because of the single cutting mechanism. The downside of strip cutting shredder machines is that they offer less data protection than a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder.

Regular shredder vs industrial shredder

Every office or even household should have a paper shredder for destroying the regular sensitive documents throughout the day. But when you have big amounts of paper to shred, for example, annual reports at the end of the year or old archives, and you don’t want to give them to some shredding services since the information can get compromised. It is recommended for the large office departments, warehouses, facilities, or industries to have at least one heavy-duty industrial paper shredder.

The Upsides of heavy-duty strip cut paper shredder machine

Industrial shredders are powerful and large machines that can work continuously and can shred hundreds of pages without any problem. Industrial shredder machines are also known as disintegrators and they are different than other home or office shredders. Professional shredders provide you with bulk shredding, allowing you to cut thousands of documents without limited run times and no cooling downtime. They are powerful enough so that the whole building can use them all day. They can shred crumpled paper, large files, binders, notebooks, cardboard, etc.

High-Quality Commercial Shredders Online

We are dedicated to securing your sensitive files and documents and making sure they don’t get into the hands of competitors and people who may try and use them against you for legal reasons.

Having the ability to destroy your documents in the quickest and most efficient way is important in the increasingly competitive world of business.

This is why having an effective paper shredder machine at your office is an imperative piece of equipment. They destroy your documents beyond the point of recognition and once your document has been effectively shredded there is no chance of retrieving the destroyed piece.

Kavinstar Shredders provide a great range of products. We realize the effectiveness and importance that destroying sensitive documents has for your company and we want your office to have the most reliable product available.

Want to purchase a commercial heavy-duty strip cut paper shredder machine?

The Kavinstar Shredders team takes the privacy of your documents seriously, that is why you should purchase your office’s heavy-duty paper shredder with us. Contact us on 01140230655 or email us at [email protected] to order your product and receive free delivery. We also provide paper cutters, binding machines, and a whole other range of office supplies.

2 reviews for Kavinstar RINO S55 Heavy Duty Strip Cut Paper Shredder Machine or Newspaper Katran Machine Shred Upto 50-60 Sheets at a time

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kedarnath Sharma

    Good for bulk document destruction

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gopal Das

    Very high volume shredding machine

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