Velo Sure Binding Machines (Plastic Strip Binder)

Velo Sure Binding Machines, also known as Velo Bind or Strip Bind machines, are a popular bookbinding method used in many offices and copy/print shops. This binding technique involves punching small holes along the edge of an unbound book and using plastic strips to securely fasten the pages together.

Here’s how Velo Sure Binding Machines work:

1.Hole punching: The Velo Bind machine is used to punch a series of small holes along the edge of the document. These holes are evenly spaced and accommodate the tines on the Velo Binding Strips.

2. Inserting the strips: The male end of a Velo Binding Strip with rigid tines is inserted into the punched holes from the top of the book. The tines protrude through the holes.

3. Applying the back strip: A strip with corresponding holes is placed on the back cover of the book, aligning it with the tines protruding from the front. This back strip holds the pages securely in place.

4. Binding process: The Velo Bind machine holds the book tightly, ensuring that the pages and strips are properly aligned. The excess length of the tines is cut, and the tips are melted to seal the bind.Strip Binding Machine


Velo Sure Binding Machines offer several advantages:

  1. Security: Velo Bind is known for its strong and secure binding. The melted tines create a permanent seal, making it difficult to tamper with or remove pages from the bound document.
  2. Professional appearance: Velo-bound documents have a clean and professional look. The strips provide a neat and organized binding that is suitable for various types of reports, presentations, and manuals.
  3. Capacity: Velo Binding Strips are available in different sizes, allowing you to bind documents of varying thicknesses. The capacity can range from a few pages up to 500 sheets or more, depending on the machine and strip size.
  4. Space-efficient: Velo Sure Binding Machines are designed to be compact and suitable for desktop use. They offer a space-saving solution for offices and businesses with moderate binding needs.
  5. Time-saving: The electric punch feature in some Velo Bind machines speeds up the hole punching process, saving time and increasing productivity.

SURE BINDING STRIPVelo Sure Binding Machines are commonly used in offices, educational institutions, legal firms, and other professional settings. They provide a secure and efficient binding method for creating professional-looking documents.

When using Velo Bind, it’s important to choose the appropriate strip size based on the document thickness. The excess tines should be properly cut and melted to ensure a secure and neat bind.

If you’re considering Velo Sure Binding Machines for your binding needs, evaluate the machine’s features, such as punching capacity, binding capacity, and overall durability. Consider the volume and type of documents you need to bind to select the machine that best suits your requirements. Velo Sure Binding Machines offer a reliable and effective solution for creating secure and professional-looking bound documents. 

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