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Comb binding machines are available in either manual punch or electrical punch formats. The selection of format is ideally up to you. It depends once more, on your employment and private preference. Comb binding machines that turn out a high volume of a product can generally be run on a motor.

Whether you work at home or in the office, the right comb binding machine can bring life to the blandest presentation materials.

Comb Binding Machines Price in Delhi

Automation Grade Min Price Max Price
Manual Rs 12500/Piece Rs 25000/Piece
Automatic Rs 25499/Piece Rs 68000/Piece
Semi-Automatic Rs 32000/Piece Rs 55000/Piece

The only provides that you just ought to get reachable area unit vital book spine, your instrumentation, your cowl paper, and additionally your internal sheets. And you’re then able to bind them along, the instrumentation is going to be then convenient to use, and additionally, most will figure it out with a straightforward scan of the provided directions.

Once you complete binding with the plastic spine, simply realize that you just like the looks the instrumentation will provide you with. Moreover, your pages can then flip and even have a completely skilled look for everybody to envision. Besides, you’ll additionally favor to ease out the convenience of mistreatment comb-binding instrumentation. the flexibility to try and do it in your living place is going to be a luxury which will definitely ne’er injury the bank due to very cheap prices of that vital instrumentation. Besides, you’ll additionally realize it quite convenient, once it involves employing comb-binding instrumentation.

What is the comb binding machine?

Plastic Comb Binding Machine is still the most popular binding method today! Plastic combs are widely used by schools and businesses, and are also easy for home use. Comb Binding Machines are easy to use and affordable. You’ll enjoy substantial savings over costly outsourcing by bringing your comb binding jobs in-house. 


Plastic Comb Binding Machine is still the most popular binding method today! Plastic combs are widely used by schools and businesses, and are also easy for home use. Comb Binding Machines are easy to use and affordable. You’ll enjoy substantial savings over costly outsourcing by bringing your comb binding jobs in house. 


Types of Spiral Binding Machines

Basically spiral binding machine comes in two types one is manual punching with handheld coil inserting, and the second is an electric punch with automatic coil inserter.


Spico or Comb binding, also called coil binding is a popular way to bind a cover and pages of a document together into a book. People choose this method because it’s relatively easy and hassle-free.

Different Kind Binding Machine

If you need a binding machine for your office or work space, you have come to the right place. We carry more binding machines and book binding systems than any other company on the Internet. No one knows more about these products than we do. We carry systems for traditional plastic comb, wire-o, and spiral coil binding as well as the Velobind and ProClick systems. If you’re new to the market please call, email, or chat if you have any questions!


Manual Comb Binding Machine Dealers in Delhi

The Shop owner’s favorite is the Kavinstar 2088c. It has a decent capacity, is sturdy, and easy to use.
If you’re on a budget, the Kavinstar ZD 1288 is an easy-to-use and affordable option for small to medium size jobs.

Identifying Your Binding Needs

Machines built for handling low volumes are most commonly purchased for personal or occasional use, while mid-volume machines are more appropriate for those who need to bind multiple books each day.

Heavy-duty comb binder

If you need to bind dozens of books (or more) each day, you will want to choose a high-volume machine for that. One major factor you should consider when choosing a machine is how many pages it can handle at a time. While some machines will only take a few each time, others can handle dozens at once.


Easy to Operate

Creating presentations and organizing documents should not be limited to those bulky folders and fastener tools. For important documents, and more appealing presentation materials, a comb binding machine is an easy to use tool to have for your office. Comb Binding machines create a more professional looks to company documents and presentations and also makes document organization more organized. Making a beautifully bound form is now more attractive for the corporate setting and having a binding machine definitely is a great investment for a more effective document management system.

Good to use Office or School

Now you can make great looking documents right at your desk. We offer a wide variety of comb binding machines. Choose from our Manual Punching and Manual Binding, to our Electric Punching and Manual Binding Machines. For increased productivity, look at our Heavy-Duty High-Volume Comb Binding Machines. The model provides an economical choice and is loaded with features. For increased productivity the model provides Manual punching and manual binding at an affordable price. If you need additional information,

What to Look for in a Comb Binding Machine

An easy learning curve

f you are looking for a Plastic Comb Binding Machine (sometimes referred to as a Manual Combo) you have come to the right place. We carry the full line of Kavinstar equipment as well as manual systems from Kavinstar Products. Whether you need a low-cost, low-volume option, a high-capacity machine, or a punch that can handle legal-sized sheets, we have it all. Just visit our store and check the models that we have available.

Quick binding results

When you need to bind multiple books per day, saving time is important. The process of inserting the Comb with the machine should be quick and simple, taking just a few seconds. You can then crimp the ends to prevent it from unraveling with pliers (often included when you order the machine).

Sturdy, yet appealing design

Stability is a must with any office product. You want something that you don’t have to replace very often and that feels heavy duty. But that isn’t the only benefit of a quality design.
It’s easier to be productive at work or home when your surroundings look nice, and that applies even to Comb binding machines. Go for a design that is not only simple, efficient, and functional, but that looks good in your office, instead of like an eyesore.

Automatic and manual options

When you only need to bind one book, you might want to do it by hand. When you have multiple books you need to comb bind, on the other hand, having an electric or automatic option is very convenient. Choose a product that has the best of both worlds, and you will always be prepared no matter what your binding needs are at the moment.
With the qualities above in mind, we have compiled a list of the best comb binding machines available on the market. Let’s take a look at them and of the features they offer.

Best Binding Machine for Office

Here are the best Spiral, wire, thermal, comb binding machines based on performance, value, quality, and overall user experience.


At Arun Automation, we’re empowered by making home offices as beautiful and functional as possible. We showcase the best home office trends, projects, and supplies out there, so you can spend less searching and more time doing what matters.

The Best Comb Binding Machine Dealers in Delhi

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1. What is a comb binding machine?

Comb binding machines punch round holes in the left edge of the pages, and the comb opens when the loose pages are inserted. The combs then close over a row of precisely spaced plastic rings. This method is the least flexible style of bookbinding due to the plastic spine that forms the back of the binding.

2. Where is a comb binding machine used?

Home, school, office, a print shop, or a multi-national corporation, comb binding equipment can help you produce professionally bound documents quickly and simply.

3. How many sheets can a comb binding machine bind?

Mostly comb binding machine bind approximately 450 sheets but they have different sheets punching capacity like 10-12 sheets, and 18-20 sheets at one time

4. Where can I buy a comb binding machine?

You can buy a comb binding machine online from the popular shopping site and Get a comb binding machine and organize the way you maintain documents.

5. What are the types of binding machine machines?

Binding machines come in both types of electric, and manual with different binding methods like a spiral, comb, wire, thermal, Velo, and glue binding.

6. What is a spiral binding machine?

Spiral binding machine, also known as coil binding machine, is a commonly used bookbinding style for documents. This binding style is known by a number of names including spiral coil, color coil, color coil, EZ-coil, plastic coil, spiral binding, plastic coil, and coil bind.

7. What is a wire binding machine?

Wire binding is a popular commercial bookbinding method and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire, and wire bind. Similar to other types of binding machines, wire binding machines also punch the holes in the pages and then use multiple wires to bind the pages.

8. What is a thermal binding machine?

Thermal binding machine is a electric binder or hot melt binding machine also known as glue binding machine for hard cover bind. Most of these systems work much like a toaster. This revolutionary type of system is one of the fastest and most professional options for binding your documents. Kavinstar brand is your premier source for thermal binding equipment.

9. What are the different types of bookbinding machines?

How the book will be used is also a consideration. Some of the different types include comb, coil, wire, thermal, tape, strip, and saddle stitching machines. Comb binding machines punch round holes in the left edge of the pages, and the comb opens when the loose pages are inserted. The combs then close over a row of precisely spaced plastic rings.

10. How much is the comb binding machine?

Kavinstar offer comb binding machine at lowest price range starts from Rs 15000 to Rs 68000

11. What is the best comb binding machine?

Kavinstar 2088c is the best heavy duty comb binding machine for all kind office, school and shop use

12. What is the spiral binding machine with the motor?

Kavinstar Electric Spiral Binding Machine with Motor for fast and clean high-quality binding. The machine comes with foot-operated peddle and electric motor integration for easy and no effort binding. The machine is in A3 size that helps bind calendars, diaries, books, broachers, and many more. Most suitable for heavy-duty binding work like bookbinders and job workers.

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