Note Counting Machine Price in Nadaun, Himachal Pradesh

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Note Counting Machine Price in Nadaun

Brand Min Price Max Price
Kavinstar Rs 5500/Piece Rs 28000/Piece
Hindvanture Rs 5000/Piece Rs 19500/Piece
Godrej Rs 13500/Piece Rs 48000/Piece
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Note Counting Machines – Convenient and Super Fast.

Counterfeit detection is a notable feature in most of the models. This feature helps in detecting forged currency by using magnetic, dimension, and ultraviolet during the tallying process. Various other models are designed with special features that can make your calculating job more easy and convenient. They also come in varied sizes and so you can buy one based on your needs and requirements. These bill counters are ideal for any business, be it large or small, you have so many different ways to streamline your cash handling process.

Note Counting Machines that are precisely developed by the expert workers of the company. The Note Counting Machines that we provide are ideal for counting bills and notes of different currencies with high accuracy.

Price of Note Counting Machine

Here we show approximate price of note counting machine according to type

Type Approximate Price
Automatic note counting machine with fake note detector Rs. 5,500 and above
Semi value note counting machine with fake note detector Rs. 7,500 and above
Top loader note counting machine with fake note detector Rs. 10,500 and above
Mix value note counting machine with fake note detector Rs. 12,500 and above


The Note Counting Machines offered by us have UV and Magnetic that help in the counting process. These Note Counting Machines are demanded by the owners of banks, malls, shops, and other companies. Also, we have marked our presence among the key players dealing in Cash Counting Machines.



The number pad makes it easier for using the batch function and sensitivity setting. It can very well work with new and old currency notes from 10 to 2000. Order today to buy the latest cash counting machine to help you reduce your work.


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Here we Show Different Kinds of Note Counting machines for Nadaun, Himachal Pradesh.
note-counting-machine-suppliers-in-nadaunHow do Note Counting Machines Work?

Sorting and counting notes takes time. Time is money. Therefore, it only makes sense to make the vote-counting process as accurate, quick, and painless as possible.

Where are Note Counting Machine use

Banks, government agencies, churches, as well as businesses such as restaurants, convenience stores, and retail shops invest and rely on note counting machines. Yet some people remain suspicious, mostly because they seem too easy — almost like cheating — when in fact they can eliminate cheating by providing instantaneous accuracy and detecting counterfeit currency.

So, how do note counting machines work? Most machines are simple to operate, portable, and require little or no training. But a little extra knowledge can serve you well in time and money savings.

Almost anyone who deals in note counting, sorting and authenticity will agree that these tasks are better left to the powers of technology.

How to use Note Counting Machines

Simply put, Note Counting Machine operates by placing a stack of bills in place. The counting machine then pulls each bill through individually, instantly recognizing the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupt to determine the denomination and provide a total.

Counting Function of Note Counting Machine

  • Automatic Counting
  • Manual Counting
  • ADD Counting
  • Batch Counting
  • Counting with Detection

Some Note counters can also detect counterfeit bills by using a black light to illuminate the bills, which have florescent symbols imprint on them, to help distinguish the real from counterfeits. The result? You’ve counted and check bills at lightning speed without concerns of miscounts or having bills reject by the bank when you make a deposit.

Coin Counters and Sorters

For those of us who rely on debit cards, the idea of coin counting may seem a bit old-fashioned. But for businesses such as vending machine suppliers, quick stop stores, and restaurants, that jingle adds up to big money, so it’s worth the investment of accurate counting and sorting.

Coin sorting machines accept a range of coins that are separated by size. A coin can only travel through a specific size hole. For instance, in American currency, the holes are arranged in order according to size — dime, penny, nickel, and quarter. Dimes drop in first, quarters must wait to find their place. The separate coins may then go through a separate coin counter. More advanced coin counters serve to both sort and count, saving time and manpower.

Advance Coin Counters

Some determine denominations by the weight of the coin, then calculate the total. The most efficient machines work similarly to currency counters using a light-beam counter. Each time the light is interrupted, the machine recognizes the coin and makes the calculation.

Currency Discriminators

Currency discriminators provide the extra benefit of displaying the dollar value of the money counted. So, as opposed to having to sort and place single denominations in a currency counter, these devices let you place a variety of bills in the machine. Each bill is scanned and identifies using color image sensors (CIS). The total number of bills is calculated along with the amount for each denomination.

Advance Detection Sensor

Using different counterfeit detection technology, including Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), and Infrared (IR), the currency is scanned for fluorescent symbols or brightening agents — something impossible to do with the naked eye — to determine the legitimacy of the bill. These machines can process both new and used bills and some have the extra benefit of filtering dust and grime from used bills.


Note Counting Machine Functions

  • Counterfeit Detecting Function (UV, MG, IR & MT)
  • Auto & Manual Start Counting Mode
  • Addition Function, Batch Function
  • Chained Note Detection (Two Sheets)
  • Size Detection
  • IR (Paper Thickness Notes Stuck together) Detection
  • Half-Note Detection, Dual Digital Display, Customer Display
  • Customer Display

Exploring the many options of currency management and how they work is worth your time. Each business or organization has its specific needs. But almost anyone who deals in currency counting, sorting, and authenticity will agree that these tasks are better left to the powers of technology. You might say that the reasons are far too numerous to keep count.

Best Note Counting Machine Buying Guide

#1 – Speed 

The speed of the note counting machine is a major feature that you should not ignore. The sole reason you are buying the note counting machine is that you want to get notes checked and counted faster than a human being. The average speed of a human is to count nearly 100-150 currency notes in a minute. But the machine is much faster than the same. The average speed of the note counter machine is somewhere between 900 notes to 1500 notes per minute. The industrial machines do have faster speeds than the 1500 notes per minute. If you are getting any machine with less speed than 900 notes per minute, then you should not consider buying that machine. 

#2 – Type of Machine 

There are two common types of note counting machines. The Portable and countertop machines are the two common types that you’ll find useful. But due to the different use cases of these machines, you should consider your usage first and then choose the right one. 

Loose Note Counting Machine

Portable note counter – The portable note counting machine is smaller in size and has less speed. But such machines are portable, and you can carry them with you to different locations. It’s quite easy to carry these machines and check the currency notes’ authenticity wherever you go. The pigmy bank agents, money collectors, and even the bank employees will find the portable note counting machine useful. Such machines are similar to regular ones, but the size and speed are quite less.  

Bundle Note Counting Machine

Countertop Note Counter – These are the most common types of machines you spot in the banks and other institutions. The countertop currency counter machines are very fast and have a huge hopper size. That means you can count thousands of notes within a few minutes with such machines. The countertop machines are heavy, and you cannot move them. So, they should be placed in one location. That might seem inconvenient for some, but that’s why there are portable ones who want to carry currency counting machines with them. 

#3 – Operation Type  

Not all currency counting machines are multipurpose and feature-rich. The counting and operating type of machines are quite different. You should choose them according to your requirements. 

Automatic Note Counting Machine

Bills Counter – Some machines only count the number of currency bills without any denomination counting. Such machines don’t show you the total amount of money but only show you the number of currency notes that it has checked. If you add mixed denomination notes in the machine, then it will not separate the denominations but will count all the notes as the same. It’s good if you only get to use the machine for counting the same denomination counting notes.

Mix Note Counting Machine

Mixed Denomination Counter – The Mixed Denomination check machine is quite common all around the world. Such machines automatically identify and calculate the different denomination currency notes with ease. There are no issues with the accuracy as the machine automatically identifies the currency value and shows you the same on the counter. 

Note Sorting Machine

Sorter – The sorter machine is a special type of note counting machine. It not only checks and counts the notes but also sorts them if their denomination is different. This is usually helpful in cases where you’ve put the bundle of notes for checking without sorting it out. 

#4 – Counterfeit Note Detection 

Nowadays, getting a counterfeit note in the bundle of notes is quite normal. We don’t want to face losses due to counterfeit notes. So, the note counting machines do the job of identifying the counterfeit currency notes for us. With the different markers set by the currency issues, i.e., Reserve Bank of India, the machine automatically identifies the fake notes and removes them from the note stack.

Also, you get to listen to the buzzer alarm when the machine detects a counterfeit note. With electromagnetic sensors, optical sensors, and Ultraviolet light, the machine identifies the fake notes. Ensure maximum security features for counterfeit currency detection in the machine you are going to buy. Otherwise, some counterfeit currency would make a way in your currency stacks. 

#5 – Hopper 

The Hopper is the space where you keep the currency notes for the machine to check. Bigger the hopper size, the more notes you can stack for faster counting. Having a big hopper size is important. But, please consider the counting speed with the hopper size. If the speed is very high, then having a big hopper makes sense. But when the counting speed is low, you should not worry about the hopper size, as stacking large amounts of notes will not significantly impact processing. In short, choose the machine that has a decent hopper size according to the counting speed. But having a bigger hopper is an advantage. 

#6 – Accuracy 

Accuracy is one of the biggest factors that you have to consider. Without accuracy in counting the notes and even finding the counterfeit notes, you may end up with losses. So, better get the machine with good user reviews about the currency in counting and finding the fake notes. Otherwise, it will not be a value-for-money purchase for your needs.


1. Which is the best note counting machine?

Kavinstar Valuemaster is best note counting machine with all detection features like UV, MG, IR, MT, 3D Color Sensor and many kind operation mode like value counting, add counting, batch counting and advance feature of note sorting.

2. What is the price of note counting machine?

the price of note counting machine depends on brands and functions basically price range starts Rs 5500 and above

3. Is it illegal to have a money counting machine?

Money counters aren’t illegal and they are typically purchased by companies doing legitimate financial transactions. however, worked under the assumption that if an individual wanted to purchase a machine, it was likely they were involved in money laundering or drug dealing

4. How do you use the note counting machine?

Simply put, currency counters operate by placing a stack of bills in place. The counting machine then pulls each bill through individually, instantly recognizing the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupted to determine the denomination and provide a total

5. What is a money counting machine called?

A currency-counting machine is a machine that counts money—either stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins. Counters may be purely mechanical or use electronic components. The machines typically provide a total count of all money, or count off specific batch sizes for wrapping and storage.

6. What money counting machines do banks use?

The Kavinstar and Godrej Bill Money Counter Worldwide Currency Cash Counting Machine is perfect for banks and other high-volume money establishments. The product has many useful and priceless features such as the ability to count foreign money.

7. What is the Detection Feature of Currency Counting Machine?

Kavinstar Advanced high technology ir-cis scan, uv+mg+ir+mt+dd+3d counterfeit detection enables accurate detection of fake notes. Add & batch functions are very ideal and useful while counting cash.

8. Do money counters detect fake money?

The money counter has a counterfeit bill detection rate of 1/100000, which gives you greater accuracy and a reliable final count. The machine stops when it reaches a counterfeit bill, so those bills aren’t included in the total.

9. Can money counting machines be wrong?

Manually counting money is not only slow but also notoriously inaccurate. … The entire process takes microseconds, with many bill counters capable of counting thousands of bills per minute.

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