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Kavinstar Thermal Binding Machine

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Technical Specification
Model: SK 5000.Max Paper Size: A4.
Max Binding Capacity: 500 Sheets (A4, 70gsm).
Maximum binding length: 320 mm.
Maximum binding thickness: 38 mm.
Heating Temperature:150ºC(±10ºC).
Operation Mode: Electric Thermal Binding.
Clamp: Manual.Warm-Up Time: 2-3 Minutes.
Duty Cycle: 2 Hour On /30 Minute Off.
Voltage: AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
Dimension: 420 x 285 x 218 mm (Approx.).Weight: 5 kg. (Approx.).

Warranty: 6 Months


Thermal Binding Machine SK 5000 Desktop Perfect Paper Thermal Binder Electric Metal Book Maker A4 Size Thermal Binding Machine Electric Binder Hot Melt Thermal Binding Machine or Hot Glue Binding Machine Hard Cover Binder Binding Thickness: 50mm Binding Length: within 320mm 

  • Item description: hot melt type binding machine Binding: the thickness of 50 mm (500, 80g paper) Features:
  • the CPU program control, PTC ceramic heating, infrared electric detection Note: the binding files use should be carried out with hot melt sleeve.
  • Above picture is the old version and new version of the GOLO, change will be subject to manufacturer the arrival of the goods, the new spring function of metal handle, push gently clamping text for hot melt.
  • Suitable for cover thickness: 50-350g
  • Features: 
    CPU Control System.
    PTC Ceramic Heating.
    Infrared Photoelectric Testing.
    Different Time Selection.
    Over-Time Protection.
    Press Tight By Hand.
    Uses Ideal for Professionals, Books Binders, Publishers, Photocopy & Printing Store, School, College, Government & Large Business Offices, etc.


Thermal Binding Machine SK 5000 parameters:

  • CPU program control: electronic binding new concept;
  •  binding the thickness of 50 mm: 1-500 paper arbitrary thickness;
  • PTC ceramic heating: sustainable, safe and reliable;
  • three periods: temperature control for different thickness file design;
  • manual guide rail clamping: to prevent loss at the end of the first page;
  • the high accuracy time-delay protection: absolutely in glue and save energy;
  • infrared electric detection: binding easy;
  • pipeline design: office automation to be bestowed favor on newly;
  • Scope of application: Hot-melt binding machine: use in the advanced tender, quotation, real estate, insurance policy, contract, report card, visa books, accounting vouchers, account books, and other high-grade files, could easily their actions in the office Material selection of PTC ceramic material, with quick heating, high efficiency! Cooperate with the envelope a binder effect beautiful, strong, and durable! Equipped with a hand clamp function, the binding is very strong!

Never fall off! Binding steps:

  • turn on the power switch, hot melt binding machine start preheating;
  • is expected to about three minutes after binding machine preheating, the green light.
  • will be bound pages packed into the hot melt sleeve of the hot-melt binding machine, up and down, left and right alignment, especially seal cutting up and down together into a binding groove ridge, push the front grey arc rod lightly to (make sure to push to the end, the bottom of the envelope and machine aluminum alloy contact), red light;
  • when about 40 seconds after the green light to such as hot-melt binding, text on a cooling rack removed from a hot melt binding machine two minutes after text molding;
  • the binding specification: A4, maximum binding: the thickness of 50 mm, binding-time: about 30 to 60 seconds/this.

There are many Thermal Machines on the market, but we have found that the SK-2008 or the SK-5000 will give you the best value.


What are Thermal Covers?

Well, the clue is in the name really. These are document covers that have a pre-applied adhesive “glue” strip from the factory, specifically made for your new thermal binding system. There are various types of thermal binding cover available depending on what it is you need binding. Pro-Binding offers very low-priced Utility Thermal Covers that have linen back, clear front, and spine size up to ½” thick. We also have higher quality Frosted Transparent Covers with spine sizes all the way up to 2”.

Advantages of thermal binding machine SK 5000:

It looks very professional It’s quick, usually taking around a minute or less No Punching Paper Bind Multiple Documents at on time.

If yoents. University dissertations looks fantastic when thermal bound, whilst solicitors mu’re looking to professionally bind something, then this is definitely the best option as it produces really excellent results in a short time with minimal effort. If you’re binding books then you’ll need thermal binding, and many print shops will also use it to bind documay also use it when sending documents to clients and to court as it’s difficult to remove pages and is obvious if someone has done so.

If your office regularly produces brochures and catalogs and you want them to look sleek and attractive, then the thermal binding is a great choice.

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    Pretty Good Machine

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