Office Paper Shredder Machine.

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Suitable For-Personal Use Small Office or BusinessCommercial Use
No. Of Users1-2 UserUp to 5 Users5+ Users
Run-time/Cool-down time-2min/30-60 min2-3min/ 30-15 minMore than 10 minutes/ Less than 15 minutes
Sheet Capacity-1-6 sheets6-10 sheets11-20 sheets or more
Bin Capacity-10 L15-20 LMore than 20 L
Office Paper Shredder Users Guide
Office Paper Shredder Machine

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Here are the 3 most important factors that you need to consider no matter what.

  • Cutting Type

strip-cut shredder shreds into narrow long strips. They offer low security. Cross-cut shredder shreds into confetti-like pieces. They offer medium security. A micro-cut shredder offers the highest level of security. But they are used by professionals. 

  • Sheet Capacity

A paper shredder has a maximum sheet capacity. Like 6 pages per batch or 10 pages per batch. You cannot insert more than its maximum shred capacity 

  • Run-time and Cooldown time

you can use it for a limited time after that you need to give it some rest. Then you can restart shredding

Office Paper Shredder Machine

Office Paper Shredder Machine Buying Guide 

Already decided to buy a paper shredder but don’t know where to start? We can help! There are many factors and parameters that you should know before you select a suitable paper shredder. First and the most important point is what do you want to shred. As paper shredders can also be used for shredding CDs, DVDs, and credit cards etc, it is a very important factor. Also, which security level you require! And there are also many other factors that shouldn’t be ignored. So, let’s have a look right away.

Office Paper Shredder Machine and their Security Levels

Cross Cut Vs Micro Cut Office Paper Shredder Machine

1. A Strip-Cut Office Paper Shredder Machine – Low-level Security

Strip-cut paper shredders are the basic level paper shredders. They offer the lowest level of security. But they are still better than tearing up and throwing away. Strip-cut shredders are a good choice if you do not throw highly sensitive documents. 


  • Offers low-level security 
  • They cut vertically into long and narrow strips 
  • Shredded pieces can be readable 
  • Best for shredding non-confidential documents
  • Shreds an A4 size paper into 40 vertical strips, on approx 
  • Less expensive than other types

2. A Cross-cut Office Paper Shredder Machine – Mid-level Security

Cross-cut paper shredders offer higher-level security over the strip-cut ones. They cut papers both horizontally and vertically making small confetti-like cuts that are barely readable. 


  • Offers mid to high-level security
  • Shreds into confetti size small strips
  • Ideal for shredding sensitive documents
  • Normally cuts an A4 size paper into 200 pieces, super crosscut shredders can cut into 400 pieces
  • Shredded pieces are very difficult to retrieve 

3. A Micro-cut Office Paper Shredder Machine – Highest-level Security

Micro-cut paper shredders offer the highest level of security. They are the best options if you need to destroy highly sensitive documents. They shred into thousands of tiny pieces that are impossible to retrieve. 


  • Highest level of security 
  • Cuts into tiny square shapes 
  • Use to destroy highly sensitive documents
  • Information can never be retrieved
  • A standard A4 size paper is cut into 3700 pieces, higher-level security shredders can shred in 6200-13,000 pieces
Office Paper Shredder Machine.
Office Paper Shredder Machine Manufacturers in India

What do you want to shred?

Do you only want to shred papers? Cause some paper shredders can handle more than just papers. They can process things like

  • Credit Cards
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • ID Cards
  • Staples
  • Paper Clips

Most of the paper shredders can shred papers with staples and paper clips. But it is still recommended to check if your shredder can handle it too, otherwise, you are going to damage the blades. 

Look for the details in the product specifications or instructions manual provided by the manufacturer. 

Shredders that can shred Cards and CDs have a more powerful motor and blades. They either have a separate opening for inserting cards/CDs or let you shred them in the same slot use for shredding your documents. 

Sometimes the papers and the cards are shredded in different ways. Like, it can shred the cards only into a few pieces which can still have sensitive information left. 

For recycling, it’s better if your shredder has two separate containers for plastic and paper shreds. 

Personal Needs

How many people will use the shredder? Will you use it occasionally or you have piles of documents to shred every day?

You will choose it depending on your needs and preference. A shredder for office use is a lot different than a shredder for simple home use. 

Don’t buy a shredder that is cheap and not powerful enough to do what you need. Also, don’t pay for something that you cannot utilize.

Like for home use, a small shredder that does the job while saving your room space will be a perfect choice. It won’t be expensive still worth the price. 

To make it easier we have made a list. Hopefully, you will find what exactly you are looking for-

We will discuss Runtime/cool down time, Sheet capacity and Bin capacity further.

Sheet Capacity and Shred Speed

The sheet capacity is the number of paper a shredder can shred at once. The shred speed is the time it takes in doing that. 

Higher the speed and capacity faster the shredding and lesser the time waste. Higher capacity is crucial where you need to shred a large volume of papers daily.

  • A small home use shredder should be able to shred 5-10 sheets in 2-8 minutes
  • For a home office or small business need a shredder that can shred 10-20 sheets in 7-30 minutes should be enough
  • For extensive use in biggest offices or commercial use choose a shredder that can shred at least 13-30 papers at one go. These high capacity shredders can work for 30 minutes or more without any break. 
Office Paper Shredder Machine Cross Cut

Run-time and Cooldown Time

What is run-time and a cool-down time? Many don’t about this, but usually, a paper shredder has a limited run-time followed by a cooldown time. To put it more simply, you can say you can use it continuously for a maximum time and then you need to give it a break to cool-down the motor. This is called the ‘duty cycle’ of the shredder.

How long do they work without a break?

How long your paper shredder will work without needing a break will depend on two things mainly; 1) the quality of the shredder, 2) security level.  

For most of the household shredders, you can expect a run-time of 2-5 minutes before it requires a cool down. 

Professional shredders which are mainly used in the office can work for 10-15 minutes. And some heavy-duty commercial paper shredders can work for 30 minutes or more without any pause or break. But they are equally expensive.

The cooldown time will also vary depending on the motor. Generally, it takes 30-60 minutes break for a basic level shredder before it can start shredding the next batch. 

The shredding styles also have an impact on the motor. Higher security level shredder like a micro-cut shredder needs to cool down very often. As they shred papers into tiny particles that draw more power from the motor. And the motor gets hot easily. 

Office Paper Shredder Machine Heavy Duty

Bin Capacity

To collect the shredded particles paper shredders come with a bin or waste collector. And they are of varying capacity.

Does the bin size even matter? Yes, very much.

A bigger bin size or storage capacity means less time waste in emptying it. This is even more important if you are going to use it daily or have multiple users, like offices or institutions. 

Another thing to remember is that a strip-cut paper shredder will fill the bin much faster than a cross-cut shredder, as it shreds in low strips. 

Bin Type

There are mainly two types of bins which are lift-off or bottom bins and pull-out bins. 

Lift-off bins or bottom bins

The lift-off bins have a head or the shredder at the top and the bin at the bottom. While emptying the bin you need to lift-off the head part. These are the cheapest and the most common type. They work fine but can be annoying to remove the head and fit it again when you have piles of documents to shred. And you may tip over a shredder full of paper shreds creating a big mess.

Pull-out bins

The more advanced and expensive shredders have a pull-out bin or a bucket bin. They hold a lot of shreds are once they full, you just need to open the door, pull it out, empty the bin and close it again. 

They are cleaner and more convenient options to work with but with a higher price tag. 

What about Paper Jams?

This is one big annoying thing that comes with a paper shredder. This can occur from

  • Inserting improper material such as hard paper sheet, cardboard, plastic, etc
  • Exceeding maximum sheet capacity
  • Poor maintenance or lack of oil

To overcome this, most of the shredders in the market today have a reverse button. 

You press the button the blades move in the opposite direction and the papers are rolled out straight from the shredder. Now you straighten up the papers a bit and send them again into the shredder.

If you want something extra to handle the paper jams better. There are shredders with an anti paper jam technology. They have a very powerful motor and blades which can pull the papers through a paper jam. 

Auto-feed Vs Manual Feed

You can feed the shredder manually or can use an automatic paper shredder. 

Manual Feed Paper Shredder

This is exactly what it is meant to be. You need to insert the papers manually using your hands. You take a bunch of documents depending on the sheet capacity, insert it and shred it. Take another bunch insert and shred and continue doing so. This is quite okay for shredding small loads of papers. But for shredding piles of documents this may not be a very convenient option. Try a manual feed paper shredder.

Auto Feed Paper Shredder

Auto feed paper shredders can speed up the shredding method. It has an auto-feed technology very similar to a printer or an automatic Xerox machine. All you have to do is grab the documents put it in the tray then press the auto-feed button. And the machine will feed itself according to its capacity. 

Office Paper Shredder Machine.
India’s No. 1 Office Paper Shredder Machine

Keeping the noise level down

All office paper shredder machine are somewhat noisy. An average paper shredder makes around 65-decibel noise which is similar to a washing machine. 

Anything between 60-70db is considered normal. While above 70dB can be enough to disturb a work environment. 

So it is advisable to look for noise levels if you don’t want to disturb your fellow workers or your neighbors. 

Usually, the noise levels are mentioned in the product description but we want you to look at the reviews too.

The products which we have listed in our top 3 positions make significantly low noise. But, the more powerful shredders made for official use makes more noise. 

Safety is a necessity 

Though office paper shredder machine are fully safe to use it is not a toy. It rotates sharp blades and can be dangerous if you have kids or pets around you. When not in use always unplug the device and keep it in a safe place.

For better safety, you might want to consider a paper shredder with a safety lock and a safety sensor.

Safety lock- it locks the device even when it is plugged to a power point

Safety sensor- it can sense fingers or other objects coming too close to the feeding opening and shuts off the device. 

Don’t forget the warranty 

Office paper shredder machine is not something cheap therefore warranty should be on your priority list. Obviously, the longer the warranty period, the better. 

Most of the shredders have 1 year of warranty but may find an extended warranty on some. The warranty generally covers the blades and motor and excludes any physical damage.

If you are buying it from a store ask the seller for warranty details. And if you are buying from online, look at the product description. 

People may also ask your queries in the comment box. There are hundreds of trusted customers and sellers present to answerer your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I shred cardboards with a paper shredder?

No. You should not! Though cardboards are made of papers they are very hard materials. Most paper shredders that you see are not made for such tough jobs. Their motors are not that powerful. Only a few industrial grade paper shredders can shred cardboards. They are made for heavy-duty shredding can shred one or two cardboards but not a whole bunch of cardboard.

2) Can I shred plastics with a paper shredder?

No. Home use or standard office use paper shredders cannot shred plastics. It can damage and clog the blades. The shredders which can shred cards and CDs have dedicated slots for them. If you want to shred granulated plastic materials look for an industrial-grade paper shredder. They have a powerful and sturdy motor. But it is always advisable to look at the shredding guidance provided by the manufacturer. 

3) Can I shred staples and paper clips?

Lucky, most of the paper shredders can shred staple and paper clips. At least, the shredders that we have reviewed can handle staples and paper clips. But if your shredder is not powerful enough a metal staple can damage the blades. Manufacturers always mention if the shredder can shred staples paler clips. If you are not sure about it, it’s better to call and ask directly to the manufacturer or the seller about its specifications.  

4) Can I sharpen the shredding blades?

You are talking about sharpening the blades as you do for a kitchen knife, no, it is not possible. But you can surely prevent it from getting blunt. You need to take proper care of the device. You cannot shred pages more than its max capacity. You should never put materials that are not allowed. And you need to oil the shredder blades frequently. We recommend you to oil the blades after you empty the bin or after an extensive shredding. Try to use oils that are suggested by the manufacturers.

5) How to un-jam my paper shredder?

  •  Unplug the machine from the power source
  • Empty the bin if it is full
  • Plug the device again
  • Then press the “reverse” button
  • The paper will roll out from the device
  • Straighten the paper a bit and then renter the pages.
  • Better to reduce the sheet capacity 

 6) How long does a paper shredder last?

Take proper care, a paper shredder should last you 5 years or more. Oil the blades from time to time, give the machine some time to rest after 2-3 minutes of continuous use. Make sure you are not putting improper materials.

7) How often do I need to oil my shredder?

You don’t use the shredder frequently, oiling once in a month or two is sufficient. If you use the shredder a lot, you need frequent oiling. We suggest you to oil the blades every time you empty the wastebasket.


Since paper shredders are used to destroy confidential document you need to be wise while choosing one. They are versatile and can be confusing. For this we want you to read the buying guide first. 

Office Paper Shredder Machine.
Office Paper Shredder Machine Dealers in Delhi

If you have any questions left, share yur thoughts in the comment section below.


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