Money Counting Machine in Delhi

Money Counting Machine in Delhi (Mobile: 9818409728 or Tel. 01140230655). When we are talking about business accessories and the device, we cannot ignore the Kavinstar products. The Kavinstar VC-2108LED modern note counting machine is an honorable mention in this list of the top note counting machines in India. The Kavinstar VC-2108LED is a multipurpose machine to count currency notes. It has a large counting capacity and speed that is suitable for businesses with huge cash flow.

Money Counting Machine in Delhi

TypeApproximate price
Portable cash counting machineRs. 3,000 and above
Fake note detector machineRs. 6,000 and above
Money counter machineRs. 7,000 and above
Money Counting Machine in Delhi
Money Counting Machine in Delhi

Kavinstar VC-2108LED currency counter machine comes with the capacity of 300 notes, and you can stack nearly 200 notes. The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute, which is quite fast and convenient for the users. It works best with the Indian Rupees, as it can detect the old and new notes without any issue. The Kavinstar VC-2108LED also supports most of the foreign currencies like the USD and Euro.

Money Counting Machine in Delhi

The detection of fake notes and broken notes is easier with the Kavinstar VC-2108LED machine. It has UV, MG, IR and DD sensors to identify and eliminate the fake notes from the provided stack. You’ll hear a beep sound when the machine detects a fake or broken note. For the controls, the machine comes with a lot of useful buttons. It has the Start, Stop, Reset, Batch, UV, Magnetic and other buttons for easy control. Also, there is an Auto and Manual mode that helps you choose between the automatic counting and manual counting mode for convenience.

Usually, the note counting machines are not that great in the build quality. But this is an exception. The Kavinstar VC-2108LED note counting machine is built according to the rough and tough Indian needs. It will last for years before breaking down, as promised by the manufacturer. Also, this machine’s interior is so easy to clean, you can do it yourself without any additional help. It’s a great currency counting machine for offices and shops.


  • Speed – 1,000 Notes Per Minute
  • Counterfeit Note Detection
  • Hopper Capacity – 300 Notes
  • UV, MG, IR, and DD sensors 

What we liked in This Currency Counting Machine

  • Detects Fake Notes with IR, DD, UV, and Magnetic Sensors
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubber Flat Wheels Prevent Currency Notes from Jamming
  • Comes with the interactive Buttons

Apart from this, we advise you to be aware of duplicate brands of the same name. Only choose the products that have claimed to be and have written ‘Sold by Arun Automation’ on them.

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