Mix Note Counting Machine.

The Mix Note Counting Machine “Value master” is your ultimate tool for easy and effective counting, validation and sorting of Indian currency notes, offering professional-grade mixed-bill counting and counterfeit detection. A large display screen with quick menu, numeric keyboard and individual presets ensures fast operation. Featuring a dual pocket design and CIS technology, it will value-count even the most advanced sensor, such as those UV, MG, IR, MT, Color Detection, those that have transparent windows and those whose denominations have nearly identical dimensions. Designed for high-volume use, the Value Master is ideal for businesses that need fast, error-free counting for multiple currencies and proven 100% accurate bill authentication. Call or WhatsApp 9818409728

Mix Note Counting Machine
Mix Note Counting Machine -Value Master
  • Counts 1, 000 notes/min, reliable and efficient money counter machine mixed denomination
  • Capacity-Hopper-200-300 Notes (New) Stacker-200 Bills (New).
  • Operating modes: Count, add, and batch Modes; add + batch mode, Plus denomination value totals with count
  • Currency counter authenticates bills using ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection
  • An excellent choice for business of all sizes, along with discerning consumers who want more bang for their Buck for a cash counting machine.

Count on Kavinstar Brand Mix Note Counting Machine to Quickly and Accurately Tally Your Cash.

Better, Faster Mix Note Counting Machine

Drastically improve the productivity of your business while also maintaining an accurate cash count.

The Mix Note Counting Machine Value master not only speeds through bills 10 times faster than a hand count but also eliminates all doubt on the total count.

Protect Your Business from Counterfeits

Our Mix Value Counting Machine Value master automatically scans bills for ultraviolet security marks to ensure the cash being counted is authentic.

Don’t Just Count, ValuCount

Kavinstar ValuCount feature allows the Value master to also calculate total rupee value in addition to number of bills. Just select the single denomination being counted and the Value master will handle the rest.

Easy to Transport

Take the Value master anywhere bill counting is needed with its compact size and convenient retractable handle.

4 Helpful Cash Counting Modes


Mix Bill Counter Value master performs a one-time count of all currency notes in the hopper.


Keep a running tally of bills counted. Makes use of the Value master dual screen display with the last stack’s count displayed on the small screen and the running total on the larger screen.


Set a custom batch amount to separate notes into the needed quantity–perfect for setting up daily tills!

Add and Batch:

Count off needed batch quantities while simultaneously keeping a running tally of total Notes counted

A feature packed high speed currency counter, The Kavinstar Value master is a professional money counter machine designed to tackle a wide variety of counting jobs. Fast, accurate, and equipped with a host of smart features, it is a reliable all around performer.

Kavinstar specializes in business-grade cash counting machine, and the Value master is No exception as a currency counting machine you can rely on for all your professional money handling needs.

Mix Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector Features:

* Value count – calculates the dollar value of a denomination, as selected by the user. By activating value count in the add mode, users can count different denominations while keeping track of the total value.

* Add, count, batch, and add + batch modes, making it the perfect choice when all around performance is a requirement.

* Half, double and chain note detection using infrared sensors. The Value master will stop the count, alert the user with beep, and display the error Type on its screen.

  • Counterfeit detection sensors are able to detect a wide range of counterfeit bills. Once a counterfeit is detected, the Value master stops the count and dispenses the suspect bill into its Stacker for removal. Pressing the start button continues the count and automatically deducts the counterfeit from the overall total.

* Designed with the user in mind. An intelligent bill Density recognition system eliminates time consuming stops common in conventional bill counters. An innovatively engineered mechanism combines the smooth counting of a back loading machine with the convenient hopper of a front loader.

* A built in handle makes transporting the unit easy. If you count cash for your business, or are a discriminating consumer looking for durability, reliability, and features to make your currency counting experience effortless, look no further than Kavinstar Value master series bill counters.

Mix Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector
Mix Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

Questions & Answer

What is Price of Mix Note Counting Machine?

Approx. INR. 12500-20500

How does the money counting machine work?

Simply put, currency counters operate by placing a stack of bills in place. The counting machine then pulls each bill through individually, instantly recognizing the number of times an internal beam of light is interrupted to determine the denomination and provide a total.

Is Value master note counting machine?

Value master is mix note total value counting machine a Kavinstar brand product, it can not only count crisp NEW notes, but also soiled OLD ones, All this with a high degree of accuracy and speed. It comes with Highly Advanced Intelligent Super Fake Note Detection using UV / MG / MT / 3D / IR & CDS technology.

What’s the best money counting machine?

Here are 6 Best Money Counting Machines:

  • Best Overall: Value master Best Mix Note Counting Machine. …
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: Velchek Heavy Duty Money Counter. …
  • Best Budget: VC 2108 Automatic Money Counter. …
  • Best Value: OLC Prime Semi Value Money Counter. …
  • Best for High Volume: Top Loader High Capacity with Adjustable Speed …
  • Best for Small Businesses: Godrej Count Matic Bill Counter.

How accurate are Mix note counting machines?

Fast and accurate – Kavinstar cash counters have a 99.9% accuracy rate. Able to work with cash or coins in 20-plus currencies.


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