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Top Currency Counting Machine Dealers for Rohini, Delhi. We are Wholesale Dealers and Suppliers of Different Kind Currency Counting Machines. We Deal in India Top Selling Brands Such a Kavinstar, Godrej, and more.


Large-scale cash transactions are not a new thing. To ensure that these operations go smoothly, it is essential to transfer the cash amount correctly. From small businesses to financial institutes and even some households, note counting machines are the devices of choice to ensure this. You most certainly would have come across note counting machines in banks when you go to withdraw or deposit cash. Jewelry, huge retail stores, where large amounts of cash are used as payment methods, note counting machines come in handy.

Note Counting Machine Price in Rohini, Delhi.

The note counting machines of today don’t serve only one function. The new range of machines also comes with a counterfeit detector that efficiently detects forged notes using magnetic and ultraviolet sensors. With the new pattern recognition criteria that some of these machines incorporate, the user does not even have to worry about sorting the different denominations of the notes anymore before putting them in the compartment as the machine recognizes the different values by itself.

TypeApproximate cost
Automatic bill counterRs. 5,000 and above
Manual value counterRs. 7,000 and above
Automatic mix bill counterRs. 12,000 and above
Desktop bundle note counterRs. 27,000 and above
Floor bundle note counterRs. 30,000 and above

How to use currency counting machine?

Following video show how to use currency counting machine with add, batch, count and counterfeit detection functions:


This category consists of friction-type banknote counters for processing large volumes of banknotes.
Various models are available with features such as automatic counterfeit detection and value counting.
Some points to consider when choosing an appropriate model are:

  • Automatic counterfeit detection 
  • Value counting of mixed banknotes
  • External customer display
  • Banknote sorting function

All our models are covered by a comprehensive on-site warranty as standard for your complete peace of mind and are used by major retailers, banks, charities, and other organizations on a daily basis.

Worldwide currency cash counting machines with UV & MG counterfeit, Kavinstar, and Godrej are some of the variants you will find to satisfy your business requirements. These cash counting portable devices with money checking facilities can increase speed and accuracy and reduce human error. You can enjoy purchasing online and have the delivery to your desired organization.

The speciality of the Cash Counters

A money or banknote counting machine was primarily designed to accurately count a large number of notes. But additional features such as sorting with the value of notes, checking for damaged or fake notes, and Add, Batch, functions counting have made this device more effective & efficient in tellers. Modern automated teller machines can be mechanical or electronic, but these are mostly used in ATM & vending machines. 

We are the Largest Supplier and Currency Counting Machine Dealers Rohini, Delhi.

If you happen to handle a lot of cash on a daily basis, then you need a money counting machine. The machines usually help count money fast and accurately saving time and unwanted errors. You need a high-quality machine that will ensure minimal errors saving you from countless losses. To help you choose the best money counting machine, we’ve come up with this comprehensive guide. In this post, we’ve reviewed the ten best money counting machines on the market. These are the top-rated machines on the market that will count fast and accurately. They have tested machines that can be relied upon every single time.

Don’t just buy any machine you find on the market when you can choose from a narrowed list of only ten. We’ve carefully selected the machines based on features we will discuss with you shortly. First, go through our ten picks above and make sure you find one that suits your job.

Bottom Line

Whether you have a small shop or a business that handles a lot of cash money exchange, a currency note counting machine is quite important.

It allows you to easily and quickly count notes while making sure that all of the notes are genuine.

But there is much more to such note counting machines as you can find multiple features in them. As a result, before choosing one of the best Currency note counting machines India, make sure to go through the given factors one by one:

  • Stacking Capacity: It tells you the number of notes that can be inserted in a note counting machine. A higher capacity means that you can insert multiple notes at once.
  • Fake Currency Detection: This is quite important to check that the counting machine does not accept the fake currency. It ensures that you do not count fake currency.
  • Controls: The controls and information display of a currency counting machine is quite important to check. These should be easy to use and understand.

And thus, we are here with some of the Best Note Counting Machines in India

Arun Automation

Telephone ☎️ 01140230655, Mobile and WhatsApp 9953968896.

Address: 73, Dsidc Complex, Bapu Park, Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi 110003.


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Precise & Accurate Counting: by using this Money Counting Machine

Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector, you can count notes that have different sizes. This cash counting machine can count every note accurately This machine does not take too much time when counting notes The best thing about this machine is that it can count notes with a lot of speed. You can count 100 notes in just 5-6 seconds and you will not have any problem. You might make a mistake when you count notes by only using your hands but our banknote counting machine does not make any mistake while counting

Great at Detecting Fake Notes: You can find out if a note is fake

Is fake or not when you count notes using this banknote counting machine. If you are counting Indian rupees then turn on the UV button and if you are counting a foreign currency such as euro, dollar pound then you need to turn on both the UV and the MG button. By using this machine, you will easily be able to detect a fake note

Can Count Multiple Notes & Currencies: This cash counting machine

A counting machine can count different types of notes. You can count Indian Rupee, Dollar, Pound, Euro, and more using this Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector

Solid & High-Quality Machine: This banknote counting machine

The machine is manufacture in India it is also a European quality machine. This machine is our own branded machine and it will not disappoint you. This cash counting machine is made of high-quality materials and it has a durable design so it will last you a long time.

Easy-To-Use: Another great feature of this machine is its

Easy-to-use interface.

This machine also comes with an instruction manual so once you have learned how to use it, you will not have any issues and you will be able to easily count and detect notes

Additional Features:

This cash counting machine has useful features like Batch Counting, Add Counting, Automatic Mode, and Manual Mode which will help you make the best use of this machine

Area of Usage:

You can use this banknote counting and false note detecting machine in financial institutions like government and private offices, local and foreign institutes, insurance agencies, agent banking, gas agency, money exchange, dealership offices, and also import/export offices

Low Noise:

This cash counting machine does not make a lot of noise like other money counting machines. It produces a low sound while counting so that you know it is working but it does not make any loud noises

Service Warranty:

We will provide 1 year of warranty with machine parts for the Money Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector. If the machine has an issue during that time, then we will fix it for free and if we fail to fix the machine then we will provide you a new replacement, However, you will able to fix any issue by just calling from your mobile. We are always ready to provide you our service. If you have any questions, then please contact us.

Arun Automation

If you want to purchase Money Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector then here’s our contact info

☎️ 01140230655, Mobile ? & WhatsApp 9818409728.

E-mail [email protected]

Why Use Currency Counting Machine?  

What is Currency Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector?

The currency counting machine counts your stack of bankNotes or bundles. The machine lets you know how many Notes. it has counted or the total of the cash. This Currency counting machine counts Notes with a lot of speed It can count money much faster than a human. By using this machine you will be able to count Notes easily in just 5-6 seconds

Can this cash counting machine detect fake Notes?

Yes you will be glad to know that this bar rote counting machine can detect whether a Currency is fake or not it can precisely detect national and international fake Notes

What are the benefits of using the Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector?

As it is a multi-functional machine this cash counting machine can count Notes that have different sizes This bank Currency counting machine can accurately detect fake Notes and has features like add counting batch counting, normal counting, automatic mode and manual mode The machine is able to count Notes at a quicker rate than a human ft just takes a few seconds for the machine to count the money and you do not have to check the figures by yourself

What are UV and MV? And how can you use them?

UV means Ultra Violet detection and MV means Magnet detection. You can use both of these methods to detect false Notes. if you want to check Indian INR. It is false or not then uses Ultra Violet Detection you want to check a foreign currency, and then you have to both the Litter Vehicle detection and Magnetic detection at once

What would be the electricity bill if you use the Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector?

This bank currency counting and false Currency detecting machine consume only 75W or 80W so, you use this machine non-stop for 5-6 hours then would only consume 0 15 unite. Electricity However, the bills India INR per unit, then using this machine for 10 hours would cost you very minimum.

Why should you use this bank currency counting and tales Currency detecting machine?

You should use this cash counting machine since it spares you time and proficiently counts the Notes. If you count all of the Notes by hand then it would be a lengthy process and kills time. Most organizations rely on their bankNotes toward the end of a busy day when the employees want to return home as quickly as they can so their focus can sometimes be imperfect and they may make mistakes while counting. If you work in a bank government office or even in a dealership this machine will be perfect for you

How Can I get service support after purchasing the cash counting machine?

If you face any problems while using this Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector simply call any of our numbers and tell us your problem Our service support team will try to fix your issue and it is still not fixed then send the machine to our servicing center you need our assistance during the12 year warranty paned then you will not have to pay us and we will fox the machine for free However if the warranty is over then you will have to according our chart (Rs500-Rs3000) for this service.

How is this bank currency counting and false Currency detecting machine different than other counting machines?

We can assure you that our bank currency counting machines more durable and trustworthy. Because of its reliability, we have sold 70000+ machines singe-handily in the Indian corporate world and all of them are working perfectly

Is the Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector safe to use?

Yes, this bank currency counting and fake Currency detecting machine are completely safe-to-use we make sure that all of our products are totally user-friendly.

Does this cash counting machine have an external display?

Yes, this bank currency counting machine comes with an external display

Does this bank currency counting machine have an instruction manual?

Yes, you will be glad to know that this bank currency Hunting and false Currency detecting machine comes with an instruction manual inside. its box so that you can read how to use the cash counting machine.

Can you use the Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector manually?

Yes, you can use the bank currency counting machine manually There is a manual mode in the machine so that you can run it manually if you want to

Should you clean this cash counting machine? How often should you clean it?

Yes in order to extend its longevity you need to clean this bank currency counting and raise Currency detecting machine Normally, you need to clean the parts which are inside the machine once a week If you use this machine a lot then you should give a full clean once or twice a week

Is this bank currency counting machine portable?

Yes, this bank currency counting and false Currency detecting machine are portable. It is incredibly lightweight you should be able to comfortably move from here to there

What is the Money Counting Machine Price in India?

Money Counting Machine with Fake Currency Detector Approximate Price is 7,500/= INR with 1 year.

What is the payment procedure for this Money Counting Machine with a Fake Currency Detector?

If you purchase this product from our office then you will have to pay cash and you want product delivery via courier conditional payment then you would have to pay online, upi, nft, rtgs.

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