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Dealers of currency or cash counting machine have been on tenterhooks ever since the central government demonetized Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8. A Rs 2,000 note has been introduced and the existing currency-counting machines that also detect counterfeit ones will need to be


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Although existing cash counting machine can count all kinds of notes, the security features in the new notes will present a challenge when it comes to the task of detecting fake notes. A complete re-calibration and upgradation of the devices is needed. “We need to re-calibrate all the existing counting and fake detector machines. We need to install the software in all the existing devices to read the new denominations. In some devices, the motherboard has to be changed. Recalibration is difficult when it comes to devices with LCD display on which denomination are already set,” said M R Arun Singh, CEO of Arun Automation, a dealer of currency-counting machines in Delhi.
At least three lakh advanced machines — those having features of counting, sorting and fake detection — are under use in the south besides thousands of machines with basic features. While these machines can count the Rs 2,000 note, there will be problems when notes with mixed denominations come in the same bundle. “Since the new Rs 2,000 note is smaller than the old Rs 1,000 note, we don’t need to change the hopper (where the money is kept for counting) in the device. But the new software has to be downloaded in all the existing devices. Otherwise, the security features like detection of fake currency notes will not function,” said Shiju, who has been working in the field for more than two decades.
Generally, features such as loose note and bundled note counting, fake note detecting, sorting and authentication are available with the advanced machines. Dealers say re-calibration takes at least three to four months. “We get a number of calls from our customers and we don’t know what to do.
There is a screening process of the new currency note based on which the new software should be developed. We can’t start the re-calibration process without getting the new currency notes,” said Mr. Rahul, a senior manager with a leading dealer of currency counting machine in Delhi. The cost of recalibration is another worrying factor. Even though many companies sign an annual maintenance contract with their customers, it is not yet clear who will bear the cost of re-calibration. “The cost varies from one model to the other. So we don’t know how we are going to tackle the issue as the re-calibration cost is typically not covered in the contract provisions,” said Mr. Arun Singh.

why cash counting machine need ?

MIX VALUE COUNTING MACHINE WITH FAKE NOTE DETECTORCurrency counters are commonly used in vending machines to determine what amount of money has been deposited by customers. In some modern automated teller machinescurrency counters allow for cash deposits without envelopes, since they can identify which bills have been inserted instead of just how many.



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