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Kavinstar LM24 Extra Large Size Pouch Laminating Machine Suitable to Laminate Upto 24 Inch Papers with I Card, Dragon Sheets, Maps, Charts, Posters, A4, A3 Size Documents

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Technical Specification
Model: LM 24.
Laminating Width: Max. 650 FTS.
Laminating Thickness: 75 to 350 Micron.
Laminating Speed: 560mm/min.
Running Cycle: 2-3 Hours.
Warm-Up Time: 2.5 Minute.
Dimension: 670 x 210 x 100 mm.
Weight: 25 kg. (Approx.).
Power Supply: 220v.
Power Consumption: 500w.
Cover Material: Metal.
Number of Rollers: 4 Rollers (Two How, Two Cold).
Operating Temperature: 100-180ºC.
Size Available: 24 Inches.
Suitable to Laminate: ID Card Pouch, PVC Dragon Sheets, A4, A3, and Up to 18 Inch Documents.
⦁ Forward and Reveres Option,
⦁ All-metal structure.
⦁ Cold and hot lamination.
⦁ Variable temperature control.
⦁ Anti-jam reverse function.
⦁ Power and Ready light indicator.
⦁ Four silicon rollers.
⦁ Jam Release Knob.
Uses Ideal for Professional, Desktop, Stationery & Photocopy Shop, Small & Medium, Large Business Offices, etc.


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Extra-large format pouch laminating machine LM-24 is great for laminating certificates, reports, luggage tags, business cards, ID cards, and more. The Kavinstar LM 24 inexpensive laminator with many high-end features such as adjustable temperature control and a quiet, synchronous motor. This 4 roller laminator can use lamination film up to 250 micl thick and can laminate documents up to 24 inches wide.

Kavinstar Pouch Laminating Machine is used for Laminate 4 inch to 24-inch wide document through pre-pare lamination sheet it called Laminating Pouches. These pouches open, allowing the operator to insert the document. This may be a photograph, a business card, or a menu. Once inserted, the laminating pouch is placed in a carrier and passed through the laminator, Pouch laminator are compact laminator machine which can easily be adjusted with desktops machines, Now choose your One desirable laminator from Kavinstar or can call our executive to help you for suggesting best machine.

Kavinstar carries a wide selection of pouch laminators. These machines are the most commonly used type of laminator. The simplicity of use and the mobility contribute to its popularity. As suggested by its name, a pouch lamination machine uses a pouch that is often sealed on one end. The pouch contains a heat-activated film that attaches to the material as it passes through the machine.

The Kavinstar Professional LM24 laminators are for laminate up to 24 inch wide documents laminate, like posters, Drawings, and chart papers, the Kavinstar LM-24 is a heavy-duty metal body laminator, its Big Rollers are designed for giving you bubble-free laminate results. you can laminate 2″ to 24″ laminate from these machines

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wide format lamination machine

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent laminator and nice added accessories!

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