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Kavinstar MIX MASTER Mix Note

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Kavinstar Mix Master Mix Note Counting Machine With
Counterfeit Detection

Technical Specification 

Note Holding Capacity: 200 Notes.

Note Counting Speed: 1000 Notes/Min.

– Weight (Approx.): 6.3 Kg.

– Dimension in mm: 300 x 257 x 165.– Type of Note Use: Loose Mix.

Overall, the MIX-MASTER model’s technical specifications, performance features, and convenience-enhancing functions make it a valuable tool for efficient currency management, offering accurate counting, fake note detection, and sorting capabilities



In summary, the Mix-Master Total Value Mix Note Counting Machine with a Fake Note Detector is a highly efficient and reliable solution for businesses and individuals with varying note counting needs.

It offers a range of advanced features that make it suitable for various environments, from small businesses to banks and currency handling services.

Mix-Master Note Counting Machine Best for use:
Cash Counter use
General Store
Large business
Property dealer
Currency handling services, etc.

Mixmaster is a Perfect Mix Note Counting Machine with a Fake Note Detector. Suitable for All Old and New Denominations Update with All New Currency Notes: Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000


  1. Mix Note Value Counting + 100% Fake Note Detection: The machine is capable of counting mixed denomination notes and displaying each number of each note, the total number of notes, and the total amount of mixed notes. It incorporates UV, MG, IR, and MT detection mechanisms, including an inbuilt color detection sensor for reliable fake note detection.
  1. Add & Batch Function: The machine offers the ability to add notes to an ongoing count and provides batch counting functionality for specific bundle sizes.
  1. Sort Function: This feature allows the machine to sort different denomination notes within any batch of currency notes, enhancing sorting capabilities.
  1. Counting Modes: The machine offers both automatic and manual counting modes to suit different counting needs.
  1. Currency Modes: The machine supports multiple currency modes, including INR, Dollar, Euro, and Pound, enabling versatile usability.
  1. Fake Note Alert: The machine indicates the presence of a fake note through alert beeps, and a special alert light starts blinking at the top of the machine.
  1. Voice/Speaking Feature: The machine provides step-by-step indications with voice pronunciation, enhancing user understanding and convenience.
  1. Display: The machine features a dual display system – an LCD front display and an LED side display, both equipped with dual keypads for user input.

In conclusion, the MIX-MASTER model is a highly advanced and versatile currency note counting machine designed to offer efficient and accurate counting of mixed denomination notes. With its impressive features and functions, it stands out as a reliable solution for businesses and individuals who deal with currency handling. The ability to count mixed notes while providing 100% fake note detection through UV, MG, IR, and MT mechanisms, along with the added color detection sensor, ensures a high level of security


Mixmaster Mix Note Counting Machine Additional Feature:
The Mix-Master Mix note counting machine is suitable for everyone who has moderate to high note counting requirements on a daily basis.

This machine supports the counting of all of the currency notes and showing their exact value. With a speed of 1,000+ notes per minute, this is one of the fastest note-counting machines in the Indian market.

Currency Mode INR Indian Rupees Mode: Count Notes with Fake Note Detection Plus Each Note Denomination and Automatically Calculate the Total Value of Mix Notes.

US Dollar and Euro Mode: Only Count Notes with Fake Note Detection, UV, MG, IR and MT Sensors for detection With Count Mode, Batch, add and self-examination functions Sort Mode for Sorting Different Denomination Notes, Double-Note, Half-Note, and Chained-Note Detection.

Voice On and Off Function: Indicate with Voice Pronunciation Dual motors for smooth Processing of currencies Mixed value counting for the Indian rupee and showing each number of different denominations can charge the mobile phone via the USB port.

Humanized intelligent design with TFT Interface Can be updated with new notes in the future.

Manual Mode for New Users
Extra Side LED Display with Main Function Key and Alarm Light on Top of Machine

Basic Features of This Mixed Bill Counter:
The best thing we found about the machine is that it comes with a software upgrade feature.

The feature is very useful in case the government introduces new currency notes. Currently, it’s equipped with the latest software update for all of the latest currency notes.

The machine supports total value calculations for the notes in different currencies. In short, it’s suitable for all types of businesses.

Big: LCD Display
Speed: 1,000+ Notes Per Minute
Hopper: size of 300 Notes
Upgradable: Software
What We Like About This Mix Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

Key features include automatic start, stop, and clear functions, multiple currency modes including INR, US Dollar, and Euro, as well as advanced detection capabilities for double-notes, half-notes, and chained-notes.

The voice on/off function adds an extra layer of convenience, and the dual motors ensure smooth processing of currencies.

The Mix-Master also stands out for its user-friendly design, with a TFT interface, an extra-side LED display, and an alarm light on top of the machine for easy operation and monitoring. Its software upgrade feature allows for future compatibility with new currency notes, enhancing its longevity and usability.

The machine’s high-speed counting capability, large hopper and stacker capacity, and colour-coded display that turns red upon detecting fake notes contribute to its efficiency and effectiveness. While it may not have automatic note ejection for fake notes, its comprehensive sensor-based detection system ensures accuracy and reliability.

Overall, the Mix-Master Mix Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector is a versatile and dependable choice for those seeking a powerful note counting solution that offers security, speed, and convenience in various applications.

For bulk inquiries or retail inquiries regarding the Mix-Master Total Value Mix Note Counting Machine with a Fake Note Detector.

Please feel free to get in touch with us through the following contact options:

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  • Telephone: You can reach us at Tel. #01140230655.

Additionally, you can also fill out the contact form on our website to provide us with your details and specific inquiries. We’ll be glad to assist you with any questions you have and provide you with the information you need.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving your note-counting needs.

Kavinstar Benefits

Gst Invoice Available

365 Help Desk

Secure Payment

1 Year Warranty

Machine Repairing Service

24 reviews for Kavinstar MIX MASTER Mix Note

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Goyal Brothers

    Best Cash Counting Machine in Delhi…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    highly valued products from the Kavinstar brand.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5



  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is probably one of the better machines out there. I have tried it now for 6 weeks straight with many hours of use. The adjustable count speed is nice if you have a bundle that constantly sticks and stops the machine. Machine is very satisfactory and really works at a great pace. I have looked at other machines and this was the one that had the most favorable and least negative reviews. I agree that this is a best choice for your money

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rajpal Rai

    High quality mix note counting machine with amazing function

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using this machine daily for more than three months now. I run anywhere from 10k-30k through the machine each day. This machine is trouble free with very few errors. This machine travels with me so it takes more abuse from me than the typical person who would have it on a desk and leave it there. So I can truly attest to the reliability of this machine.

  7. Naresh Manjhi

    Review for Kavinstar MIXMASTER Mix Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector

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