Paper Katran Shredder Machine in Delhi

Buy Paper katran shredder machine in Delhi. This kind of machine can shred documents per day in tons, nonstop running. It can be used without any break and is ideal for large companies that have a lot of waste papers for shredding. Paper katran shredder can also be used for secure document destruction by records storage companies. Who wishes to have a dedicated document destroying service for the pan India customers. Printing presses also find this machine very useful for destroying misprinted or excessive printed copies of their client’s jobs. Fruit packing industries use a large number of shred paper

Banks can use it for destroying old records and hospitals for opd patient records
When you are a –


  • shredding business pan India
  • printing press
  • mailing solutions company
  • records management company
  • large factory
  • single location company office
  • hospital
  • university/ college/school
  • well just have lots of papers for shredding…

Our industrial shredder/ katran machine is for you, it is not intimidated by tons of papers, nor thick books, nothing frightens it it is looking for a very large quantity of papers to gulp down without even a slight burp! Ok in ordinary simple words it’s meant to shred paper tons in a day equipped with a powerful drive and robust shredding head, its unbelievable performance is only to be seen.

Would you like us to show how it works? you can either visit our Delhi factory/office or ask for a demo, call now ☎️ 9953968896 and see for yourself that we are not just bragging! and book your paper katran shredder machine in Delhi.


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