Paper Katran Machine

Katran Machine or Paper Katran Machine is popular with Fruit Vendors as it is used during Fruit packaging. Katran Machine is a heavy-duty paper shredder machine and it is used to shred newspapers that are used in packing fruits.

Paper Katran Machine

Kavinstar has developed a very cost-effective and highly productive shredder machine for newspaper shredding (for Katran making) which is widely used in fruit packaging and other packaging industries.

Katran (shredded newspaper strips) are used in packaged fruit boxes for supporting fruits and act as a medium shock buffer. Kavinstar offers a dual shaft Katran (paper) shredder which is ideally suitable for shredding newspapers for this specific application.

Kavinstar shredder is powered by high-rated induction motors and power is transmitted to drive shafts via pulley and worm box reduction mechanism which provides optimum torque for efficient shredding.  Lots of pages can be fed in a single pass. The shredded output is in the form of 6, 8, 10, 12 mm strips. High torque and low-speed working technique and a sturdy base frame ensure less vibration and noise during operation.

This shredder can also be mounted on castor wheels for transporting it from one place to another if needed. Auto-reversing and Emergency Stop functionality is also provided. 


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