Paper Katran Machine Price | Best Paper Katran Machine in India

Paper Katran Machine at Best Price in India. Also offer other shredder machines for Home, Office, and Commercial Use. We are a well-known manufacturer for efficiency and robust make.

Katran Machine or Paper Katran Machine is popular with Fruit Vendors. As it is used during Fruit packaging. Katran Machine is a straight-cut heavy-duty paper shredder machine. it is used to shred newspapers which are used in packing fruits. Get the best discount paper katran machine. This heavy-duty shredder is used to reduce the volume of the reject material. To avoid duplication and misuse.

Salient Features of Katran Machine:


• Continuous Duty
• Motor with inline gearbox for positive transmission
• Model available in 1/2/3/5 H.P. Motor for less power consumption
• 6 Month warranty for cutters
• All Metal parts with Rugged construction
• Large waste collection trolley for shredding large volumes
• Overload & phase failure Protection
• Reverse forward switch 100
• Manufactured in India
• Custom-made manufacturing of superior quality products
• Installation and maintenance services on site
• User friendly
• Maintenance free
• Durable
• Smooth Operations
• High-security level
• Low power consumption

Paper Katran Machine has applications in numerous industries such as:

• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Label Printing Industries
• Paper Mills
• Packaging Industries
• Government Offices
• Colleges
• Banks
• Corporate Office

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