Paper Katran Machine Price in Delhi

Get paper katran machine at the best price in Delhi. Katran Machine is a heavy-duty paper shredder machine used to shred newspapers which are further used in packing fruits.

heavy-dut-strip-cut-industrial-paper-shredder-machine-paper-katran-machineSalient Features: Continuous Duty Motor with inline gearbox for positive transmission Eff2 Motor for less power consumption 1 Year warranty for cutters All Metal parts with rugged construction Overload & phase failure Protection Reverse forward switch 100 Custom-made manufacturing of superior quality products User-friendly Low power consumption – Paper Katran Machine also known as a Newspaper Katran Machine, Katran Machine, Paper Shredder Machine, Paper Shredder, Paper Shredding Machine, Industrial Paper Shredder, Industrial Paper Shredder Machine, Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine, Commercial Paper Shredder.

Book your paper katran machine at the best price in Delhi.


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