Paper Shredder Machine Prices in Delhi

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Paper Shredder Machine Price in Delhi

BrandMin PriceMax Price
KavinstarRs 4500/PieceRs 29000/Piece
GobblerRs 5000/PieceRs 120000/Piece
KoresRs 4000/PieceRs 40000/Piece
OthersRs 3500/PieceRs 37800/Piece

In a world where identity theft is a very real issue, document privacy is a serious concern. Even documents like junk mail can reveal key information about your personal life to criminals. Investing in a quality paper shredder can help.

The best paper shredders allow you to thoroughly destroy sensitive information, confidential documents, and even credit cards, staples, and CDs. Ideally, your shredder will be easy to use, cut through any paper items quickly, and shred your sensitive documents thoroughly.

If you’re ready to start protecting your personal information now, consider our list of the top five best paper shredders in Australia. We’ve gone over the main features of each paper shredder and included a buying guide at the end of the article so that you can easily choose a model that will work well for your needs

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Whether it is confidential documents that need to be destroyed. You want to dispose of keep sensitive content such as personal information. A good shredder is an office appliance that you need to invest in. With a shredder in your office, you will be able to destruct documents such as bills, bank statements, documents with personal details, and more. In seconds while protecting the information. Shop online for shredders and avail exciting deals, discounts, and offers on this range of products at Kavinstar. Browse through an Elaborate Collection of Shredders

With identity theft rising by the minute, it becomes essential to dispose of personal documents properly. Whether it is an organization or a home office. The use of a paper shredder to avoid identity theft is considered a best practice. With various models that you can choose from, Kavinstar India offers you irresistible deals on this selection of shredders. Buy Branded and Top Quality Shredders Online at Kavinstar.

Giving you trusted brands such as Kavinstar, Gobbler, Kores, Hindvanture, Fellowes, GBC, and many others. You can be assured that you are purchasing a durable shredder for your office. Dispose of confidential and sensitive content such as documents, credit cards, CDs, and more with ease. With the use of a good shredder by a top brand. Shop for various types of shredders such as paper shredders, CD shredders, cross-cut paper shredders, strip-cut paper shredders, and more on Kavinstar India.

Book Paper Shredder Machine at Best Price in Delhi

Arun Automation is the Paper Shredding Company located in Delhi India. Book Paper shredder Machines in Delhi India for your business. Whether businesses is small or big, all Needs Paper shredders for making their information confidential. Kavinstar is a manufacturer of mid to high-volume industrial paper shredders and is the brand of The Arun Automation. Book Paper Shredder Machine in Delhi are known for making high-quality shredders that have an impressive product warranty.

The majority of Kavinstar paper shredders are chain driven rather than belt-driven. This means the shredders are capable of chewing through large volumes of paper without breaking down. Kavinstar shredders can commonly be found in businesses and homes around the country. We have guaranteed low prices on all our Kavinstar shredders model. our all model available offline & all online portal like snapdeal, amazon, shop clues, models, Flipkart 

Get all Information About Kavinstar Shredding Machine In Delhi

Destroy sensitive information and keep your personal data secure with a paper shredder from The Arun Automation. Kavinstar is the brand of The Arun Automation and is known for making some of the highest-quality commercial paper shredders. These shredders can be found in offices, government buildings, military facilities, and other secure locations around the world.

The Arun Automation is a leading manufacturer of Book Paper Shredder Machine in Delhi. Paper shredders are known for their reliability and for their quietness. Kavinstar shredders can easily operate in an office department without creating too much distracting noise. Kavinstar makes media (CD/DVD), strip-cut, and cross-cut shredders.

Guaranteed Low price Paper Shredder in India

We have guaranteed low prices on all our Kavinstar shredders. Order yours today! great selection of cross-cut, particle cut, and strip cut paper shredders.
The company makes some of the best-known shredders in the world. Unlike many comparable shredders, Kavinstar shredders are built to last years and shred under a heavy load. Their shredders are durable and designed for continuous use. The company makes shredders for home, business, and industrial use. Both strip-cut and cross-cut models are available. We have guaranteed low prices on all our Kavinstar paper shredders.

Paper Shredder Buyer’s Guide

Paper shredding machines come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding how they differ can help to ensure that you get the best product for your needs. Here are a buying guide and FAQ section to help you out!

What Kinds Of Paper Shredders Are There?

There are a few different types of paper shredders out there. You can choose from large and powerful industrial paper shredding machines or smaller safer home and office options. Paper Shredders can cut documents and sensitive information into different shreds and cut sizes. The smaller the cut size, the more difficult it will be for a snoop or criminal to put the tiny pieces back together, meaning your information will be safer.

Cross Cut Shredders


These high-security paper shredders cut paper in two different directions. This makes documents incredibly difficult to piece back together. They are fast, efficient, and are a good overall value. These machines work well in the home or office.

Micro Cut Shredders


These shredders cut documents into tiny pieces, although they tend to work more slowly than other shredding machines. These are ideal for home use or for shredding the occasional sensitive document to prevent identity theft. While most micro-cut shredding machines aren’t ideal for tackling huge jobs, they are extremely effective for sensitive items where you need to destroy confidential information.

Strip Cut Paper Shredders


The fastest and most powerful shredding machines in most cases, strip-cut shredders efficiently cut documents into fine paper ribbons. While these machines are technically the least secure machines, they’re definitely the most efficient and can handle tough jobs. Strip cutting shredders are great for CDs, DVDs, plastic cards (e.g. credit cards), and multiple-page documents. These shredding machines are often seen in large offices where documents need to be destroyed often.

Features To Look For

Other key features to look for include:

  • Overload and jam protection
  • Manual reverse function
  • Automatic document feeding
  • A bin that’s easy to empty
  • Ability to handle staples
  • Long run time (particularly for office use)

Paper Shredder FAQs

Now, let’s go over a few of the most frequently asked questions about these machines.
Are paper shredders safe?

Yes, most paper shredding machines are extremely safe to use. Although they have sharp blades and powerful motors, most if not all modern paper shredders come with an extensive range of built-in safety features. These include handguards, motion sensors, overheat protection, and automatic shut-off switches. How do you prevent paper jams?

Paper jams can be a real hassle. The best way to avoid frustrating paper jams is to follow the instructions of your machine and never overload your bin or paper tray. Be sure to frequently clean, oil, and empty the bin of your shredder as well. Does the size of the cut matter?

Yes, the size that a document is cut to will matter in most cases. Some kinds of shredders are designed to create long strips of ribbon-like paper so that loads can be shred quickly in bulk. While this cut size is secure enough for cards, CDs, and most business document information, for highly confidential and sensitive text, you’ll want something that slices paper into even finer shreds like a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder.

Whether for the home or office, buying the best paper shredder is always recommended for the safe disposal of sensitive information. However, finding a good shredder can be difficult if you are unsure what to look for, so check out this handy buying guide for all the info you need to know!


As the name suggests, a paper shredder is a device used to shred up paper! While designs can vary, most consist of a motor that powers rotating blades to shred paper, along with a wastebasket to gather the shredded debris.


Using a great paper shredder remains the most effective way of disposing of sensitive information like bank statements, bills, invoices, medical info – basically anything that has the information you don’t want other people accessing.

Any paper with personal information about yourself should be effectively destroyed, otherwise, there is a risk someone steals this info and uses it for malicious intent, such as identity or credit card fraud.


Choosing the best paper shredder can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Consider the following before buying a new shredder:

  • Bin Size: The waste bin gathers the shredded materials for disposal, so always check the size of this and make sure it has a suitable capacity for your needs. It’s usually measured in liters and be sure to choose a high volume if you plan on shredding frequently.
  • Page Load: This refers to how many pieces of paper can be shredded at one time, ranging from 10 to upwards of 50. Anyone using to occasionally shred won’t need anything higher than ten, while those shredding a lot of paper will benefit from a high maximum page load as it will make the process much quicker.
  • Page Size: Not all paper shredders are designed for large papers, so be sure to check the page size that it can shred. If shredding only A4 paper then don’t worry too much about page size, although those shredding much larger documents will find a large page size capacity more efficient.
  • Shredding Capability: The best paper shredders can shred much more than paper, with some capable of shredding CDs, cred cards, and old floppy disks. This is great for disposing of other sensitive information, just make sure that the shredder can handle more robust materials!

There are few options when it comes to the types of paper shredders that you can buy:

  • Strip-Cut Paper Shredder: Features a basic cutting blade that shreds into thin strips. While very affordable and useful for infrequent shredding, it doesn’t offer the highest level of security.
  • Cross-Cut Paper Shredder: The cutting blades on this type of shredder cut in both directions, resulting in a cross-shredding action that offers one of the secure ways to shred sensitive documents.
  • Micro-Cut Paper Shredder: Much like a cross-cut shredder, micro-cut shredders cut in two directions, although they shred the paper down into even finer sizes. It’s so efficient that the shredded paper comes out looking like confetti!
  • Crypto-Cut Paper Shredder: The best quality paper shredder, crypto cut shredders completely cuts and shreds materials to the point it comes out resembling dust.
How much does a paper shredder cost in India?

Here are the major factors in owning a shredding machine: The purchase price of a shredder: can range from Rs.4000 – Rs. 250,000 (see here for Grand and Toy pricing) Life expectancy of shredder: based on varied usage this can range from 5-10 years or more.

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Paper Shredder Machine Price in Delhi.

  • Watch Video. KAVINSTAR CC 15 CD Desk Side Office Shredders 1-3 … ₹ 12990 / UnitBy: Arun Automation. …
  • Paper Shredder Machine-GS 8 CD. ₹ 6500 / PieceBy: GOBBLER. Get Best Price.
  • Heavy Duty Shredder-Kores Easy Cut 871. ₹ 23750 / PieceBy: Kores. Get Best Price.

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