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Digital cash counting machine suppliers in Gurugram (Gurgaon), Haryana. Currency machine, bank currency counting, bundle note counting machine, loose note counting machine, semi-automatic currency counting machine. We bring forth a wide range of Note Counting Machines to our clients.

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Cash Counting Machine Price in Gurugram (Gurgaon)

BrandMin PriceMax Price
KavinstarRs 5500/PieceRs 30000/Piece
GodrejRs 12999/PieceRs 48000/Piece
HindvantureRs 4999/PieceRs 25500/Piece
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We provide all types of Note counting machines at the best price, we also provide on-site repairing service in Delhi and Gurgaon.

About Kavinstar Currency Counting Machine

Offered products are designed at our manufacturing unit under the direction of our professionals by using quality material and modern technology. These are widely used in banks, showrooms, retail shops for counting loose notes.

The provided counting machines are also inspected on several practical parameters to ensure their robustness and flawlessness. Offered products available in various customized options as per their requisites.

Apart from this, our provided Note Counting Machines are well-acknowledged for their fine finishing and durability.

Top Cash Counting Machine Suppliers in Gurgaon.

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Currency counting machine with fake note detector

Currency Counting Machine Dealers in GURGAON.

Cash counting machines are often seen at banks and financial institutes that deal with a large amount of money and currency notes on daily basis. However, retail shops, departmental stores, etc. also use different variants of cash counting machines for billing purposes.

Currency counting machine makes it easy for people to count larger amount without much hassle and helps in managing daily count. Most commercials industries that use note counting machines buy them from currency counting machine dealers in Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi. To know more about currency counting machines and their uses read the following.

How does a cash counting machine work?

There are various types of money counting machines available with Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi currency counting machine dealers. These machines not only help in keeping a count of the amount but there are a few variants of cash counting machines that help you determine fake and real notes.

These machines used for counting currency notes ideally have two compartments. For the machine to work, all one has to do is add the bundle of cash on the receiving end and instruct for counting, the machine then mechanically pulls the currency notes and scans them through microprocessors scanners one at a time.

The scanned amount can be collected at the receiving end of the machine while the amount displays on the digital screen. The functioning and settings can be changed based on currency value, note denominators, etc. Inquire details and ask for a demonstration before making a purchase for cash counting machines through currency counting machine dealers in Delhi.

Whom do money counting machine vendors cater to?

Currency counting machines dealers Gurgaon Sector 14, Delhi has, cater to various sectors. A few of these sectors are as follows:

  • Banks and financial institutes: Banks and financial institutes deal with money and currency notes day in and day out. This increases chances of human error while counting, hence cash counting machines are often used at most financial institutes like banks, financial aid institutes, small loan providers, etc.
  • Retail stores: Big retail stores that cater to hundreds of customers on a daily basis often depend on cash and billing machines to avoid human calculating errors.
  • Departmental stores: Similar to retail stores, departmental stores also deal with a high number of customers and the flow of cash is usually high at these stores hence they depend on money counting machines available with currency counting machines dealers nearby.

Currency Counting Machines Cost

The cost for a cash counting machine often differs based on the brand you buy. A variant of cash counting machine one wants to buy, etc. Check below to find out the approximate cost of money counting machines. Available with currency counting machine dealers in Delhi.

Bundle Note Counting Machine –

A Bundle note counting machine is a high-performance vacuum suction-based machine. At Kavinstar we ensure that we used the best part in manufacturing our bundle counting machine. The spindle used in our machine is made from high-quality steel. Using the computerized numerical controlled process to get high accuracy.

According to your requirement, our bundle note counting machine is available in desktop as floor top type.

Bundle note counter functions:

  • CHECK MODE – for checking bundle of notes must contain 100 notes.
  • FREE MODE – to avoid checking mode.
  • BATCH MODE – for making a batch of notes.
  • ADD MODE – for continue adding notes.
  • MANUAL MODE – for practices of beginner or new user
  • STAMP MODE- for stamping.

Loose Note Counting Machine –

Advance loose note counting machine has been developed to offer the user ease in counting and detecting currencies of all denominations. This machine is lightweight, operates on DC power. Comes with Switch Mode Power Supply based DC Operation for Power Stabilization.

This machine is the best in class money counter with the detector. Is recommended to be used where ever there is cash flow. So that one can accurately count notes. Simultaneously be secured from counterfeit currencies.

According to your requirement, this type of machine comes in many varieties. Like

  • Simple bill counter,
  • Bill counter cum fake note detector,
  • Semi value counter cum fake note detector,
  • Top or front loading bill counter with fake note detector,
  • Mix note counting machine with fake note detector,
  • Note sorting machine.

Loose note counter functions

Depends on type of machine are.
  • UV, MG, IR, MT, COLOR DETECTION – for detection of different type of fake currency notes
  • BATCH MODE – for making a batch of notes.
  • ADD MODE – to continue adding notes.
  • MANUAL MODE – for practices of beginner or new user.
  • AUTOMATIC MODE – for regular users. COUNT MODE – for counting all kinds of notes without detection.
  • SORT MODE – for sorting different denomination notes in a bundle.
  • TOTAL MODE – for counting and calculating the total amount of different denomination or mix notes with displaying each type number of notes.
  • VOICE MODE WITH ON OFF FUNCTION – to indicate results with speaking voice pronunciation.
  • COLOR CHAINING DISPLAY – for indicate alert for counterfeit notes, etc.
Currency counting machines
Cash counting machine Suppliers in Gurgaon

We are manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and trader of

  • Currency Sorting Machine,
  • Loose Note Counting Machine,
  • Bundle Note Counting Machine,
  • Manual Fake Note Detector, etc.

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The products that we provide under our main category further include

  • Currency Fitness Sorter,
  • Advanced Value Counter,
  • Front Loading Loose Note Counting Machine.
  • Back Loading Counting Machine,
  • Multi-Currency Counting Machine,
  • Loose Note Counting Machine,
  • Money Detector Machine,
  • Fake Note Detector Machine.

All these products are based on advanced tools and machines and are widely demanded by our esteemed customers.

fake note detectors uv light


It is equipped with a micro-computerized mechanism that allows a high-speed and accurate money counting process. It is suitable for counting all currencies. Apart from that, it has ADD and BATCH functions that provide exact money details. This product has a sound error indicator that notifies when fake, jammed, half, or double notes are detected. It is perfect for supermarkets, retail stores, and other businesses. That have high cash transactions,

Godrej Bundle Note Counting Machine

Godrej Security Solutions presents Swift TURBO. A currency note counting machine designed for heavy-duty applications. Packed with a host of user-friendly features. A state-of-the-art product, it can not only count crisp new notes. But also soiled old ones. All this with a high degree of accuracy and speed. This eliminates the time and inconvenience of manual counting.

Best Loose Note Counter

Best Bundle Note Counter


Human errors are small, but they might damage the entire organization. The businesses that run entirely on cash transactions may face huge losses due to small human error. That’s why it is a sensible idea to start using the best money counting machine in India for counting the cash. Having a helping hand from a human is quite okay, but rechecking the money with the automated machine is a great idea.

With the highly-advanced note counting machines in India, we can easily count the money and get the exact value of the same. As we recommended the best machines for money counting in India to a local business, we had to do the research first. We’ve shared the best products for money counting in India that we found while doing the research.

All of the products that we have listed in this post are affordable, powerful, and most accurate. Don’t bother to do the research by yourself, as we’ve done it already for your convenience. All you have to do now is to check out the list and choose the best product that suits your needs and the budget.

Bundle Cash Counting Machine Suppliers in Gurgaon.

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Micro Controlled Based Technology – Based on Microcontroller the machine. Gives an excellent output in terms of accuracy and speed.

Heavy Duty Pump: The vacuum pump is specially designed to suit Indian power conditions. Voltage fluctuations & Indian Currency Conditions. The pressure is optimized to count even the poor currency conditions with ease.

Steel Spindle: The steel spindle is provided to work on the Leakproof Air System. This ensures that the machine counts with rigidity and delivers ultimate performance.

Inbuilt Dust Extractors: The Jumbo size dust extractors ensure huge dust collection. Hence reduces frequent break downs of the machine

Hi-Tech Design: The mechanical design is producing excellent results. Due to precision cut components with less than 0.1mm deviation. Two-tier bases for sturdy performance.

Injection Mould Top: The Abs Top is an injection mold. Is around 6mm thickness sustains transport pressures & hardships? It also gives the machine a sturdy outlook.

With our vast experience and knowledge in this business. We are offering a large range of Loose Note Counters. The Loose Note Counters we offer are widely known for their durability. Count notes quickly and accurately.


• Accurate counting

Time saving

In India, electronic payment methods are new and still not widely adopted. That’s why almost every business runs on cash. The people pay in cash, and businesses receive cash. Accuracy and speed matter a lot in cash transactions. Human error may cost some money to the business owner each time. To avoid such issues, it is essential to buy the best note counting machine in India. For your business. 

The note counting machines are capable of counting the majority of the currency notes with ease. If you are looking to buy the best note counting machine. You are in the right place. We’ve already completed the research on the best note counting machines in India. Those are available for online purchase. You can check out the comprehensive list of all of the products. We have listed and choose the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Buy Note Counting Machines Online

Counting notes by hand is often a time-consuming job. With the advent of technology. There are various note counting machines that cater to all your tallying needs. The batch, add, sort, align, arrange, denominate and perform many other functions. These are also known as cash, bill, or money counters. All of them allowing a business or an organization to quickly. Efficient, and precisely tally cash.

From banks to retails stores, shopping malls to hospitals, and corporates. currency counting machines have become an essential tool in many business environments. They make all your tallying jobs simpler, easier and faster. Certain models are capable of tallying loose, bundled, and sleeved notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean Note Counting Machine?


Cleaning the Hopper, Stacker and the internals of the note counter machine is important. We cannot use water or damp cloth to clean these machines. Internals as it’s an electronic machine. You should take the micro-fiber cloth or anti-static brush to remove the dust and debris from the internal components. Optionally, you can use mild rubbing alcohol to effectively disinfect the machine. To remove all the dust and debris remnants

Can they detect counterfeit/fake notes during counting?


Yes. The note counting machines can easily detect counterfeit or fake notes during the counting process. The machine has a pretty fast speed. So the sensors scan the currency notes within a few milliseconds. So, they can detect counterfeit notes. With ease during the counting process without any issues. The machine will automatically stop counting further after finding the counterfeit currency note. 

Can we use it for counting any other paper as a ticket/voucher? 


The usage of the money counter machine depends on the specifications. Most currency counting machines do not support paper countings like tickets and vouchers. There are only a few machines, which allow you to count the other paper. If you see the machine that can disable the counterfeit detection sensors. You can use the same to count any other papers like the tickets and vouchers with ease. Otherwise, it’s not supported.

How often do you need service for the machine?


The currency note counting machines in India are durable and do not require frequent servicing. However, you should not ignore the machine’s health and perform regular maintenance services. Fortunately, servicing the note counting machine. Won’t require any technical knowledge and won’t consume any time.

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