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Kavinstar Shredman-S1 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine


Discover the efficiency and durability of the Kavinstar Shredman-S1 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine.

Product Specifications:

Model: Shredman-S1 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine

Shred Type: Strip-Cut   

 Sheet Capacity: 20–25 sheets (A4 size, 70 GSM)

Shred Size: 6mm                Entry Width: 300mm

Power Consumption: 220V, 750 Watt           

Motor Power: 1 HP/single phase

Duty Cycle: 1-2 hours of continuous running 

 Body Quality: Metallic

Noise Level: 60 dB             Rated Speed: 15 meters per minute (approx.)

Gross Weight: 60 kg (approx.)

Waste Bin Capacity: 75 liters (permanently open from the backside)     Product Size: 510x480x920mm

Warranty T & C: Goods once sold are not returnable /non-refundable basis. Off-site manufacturing defect warranty only on electronic components will be provided to the customers who have bought a product from the original brand dealer Arun Automation for: 1 Year

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Key Features:

1. Strip-Cut Shredding: The machine employs strip-cut shredding technology, ensuring efficient and thorough destruction of paper, CDs, credit cards, catalogs, brochures, and cardboard.

2. High Sheet Capacity: With a sheet capacity of 20–25 sheets (A4 size, 70 GSM), the Shredman-S1 handles bulk shredding tasks with ease.

3. Wide Entry Width: The wide 300mm entry width allows easy feeding of various document sizes.

4. Robust Motor Power: The 1 HP single-phase motor delivers powerful performance for consistent shredding.

5. Thermal Overload Protection: The machine features thermal shutdown to prevent overheating during prolonged use, ensuring safety and longevity.

6. Continuous Running: With a duty cycle of 1-2 hours of continuous operation, the Shredman-S1 can handle demanding shredding tasks.

7. Metallic Body Quality: The shredder boasts a durable metallic body for enhanced durability and long-term use.

8. Noise Reduction: Operating at a 60 dB noise level, the shredder maintains a relatively quiet work environment.

9. Reverse Option: The reverse option assists in clearing paper jams and ensuring smooth operation.

10. Large Waste Bin: The 75-liter permanent open waste bin at the back provides convenient disposal and minimizes frequent emptying.

11. Compact Design: With dimensions of 510x480x920mm, the shredder fits well in various office spaces.

Upgrade your document destruction process with the Kavinstar Shredman-S1 Continuous Running Strip Cut Shredder Machine. Its powerful motor, thermal overload protection, and durable design ensure efficient and secure shredding of various materials. Trust Kavinstar for reliable and convenient document disposal solutions.

Designed for continuous operation and equipped with a range of advanced features, this shredder is ideal for businesses, offices, and institutions requiring efficient document destruction.