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Kavinstar Full-Automatic Note Strip Binding Machine

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Kavinstar Fully-Automatic Note Strip Binding Machine

Introducing the Note Strip Binding Machine by Kavinstar, an essential tool for banks seeking efficiency and professionalism in their note bundling process. This fully automatic machine streamlines the tedious task of binding and stamping notes with paper tape. Its user-friendly interface and LED display make operation a breeze for any bank personnel

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1. Full-automatic and Quick Banding: The Note Strip Binding Machine provides quick and seamless banding of 100 notes at once, significantly reducing processing time.

2. Optional Stamping: The machine can be equipped with a stamping feature (optional), further enhancing the security and organization of bound notes.

3. Easy Operation: With its microcomputer control, the machine offers simple and intuitive operation, making it easy for anyone to use.

4. Hot-Press Banding: The binding process incorporates hot-press technology, ensuring a firm and professional finish to the bundled notes.

5. Adjustable Banding Paper Tape: The position of the paper tape used for binding can be adjusted, accommodating various note sizes and ensuring neatness.

6. Adjustable Tightness and Temperature: Users have the flexibility to adjust the tightness of the binding and control the temperature settings as needed.


– Power Source: AC 220V 50Hz 60Hz

– Power Consumption: Max. 80W (Standby: 20W)

– Suitable Paper Type: DET 20 x 130mm

– Bank Note Size: 20-83mm (distance between the central point and the shorter end of the bank notes)

– Binding Speed: Once every 2 seconds

Dimensions and Weight:

– Machine Type: Fully Automatic

– Color: White

– Weight: Approximately 7.5 Kgs

– Dimension: 315x250x250mm Approx.

Warranty: 1 Years

Deal Type: Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece

Invest in the KAVINSTAR Note Strip Binding Machine for your bank today and experience a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective note bundling process. Make the most out of its adjustable features, quick binding speed, and professional results. Simplify your bank’s operations with this state-of-the-art binding solution!