Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in India

Kavinstar Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in India. Do you have a headache with manually counting money? Slow, troublesome, and imprecise.

Do you have a headache for other brands of money counters. Often jamming. not only can not solve the problem but also waste time and energy. Use Kavinstar bill counter machine, which is accurate, efficient, and does not jam.

Buyer Attention:

This Note Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in India is very easy to use and have multiple functions. This machine can count the number of the bill and can quickly identify bills by using UV/MG/IR detection function. It’s you best choice to count the bill.

Usage instruction:

Kindly recommend to connect the wire again if the screen doesn’t show number. Our bill counter machine must be safely connected with the power source. The machine must be kept in dry and ventilated place to avoid strong sunlight. Kavinstar money counting machine must be kept far away from the strong magnetic field and the interference of Hertzian waves.

Convenient SIX Operating Modes Package contents

  • Money Bill Counter Machine = 1 
  • Power Cable = 1 
  • User Manual = 1 
  • Brush = 1 
  • External Display = 1 

Count, add, batch/c, reset, CF, and auto mode makes money counting easier.

  • Count mode: count without detecting;
  • Add mode: count the bills in adding;
  • Batch/C mode: Count the bills in batch;
  • Reset mode: Clear zero and to restart;
  • CF mode: Convert function;
  • Auto mode: Switch the mode between auto/manual.


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