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Kavinstar Thermal Binding Machine SK 2008 with 200-250 Sheets (70gsm) Binding Capacity

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Technical Specification
Model: SK 2008.
Max Paper Size: A4.
Max Binding Capacity: 250 Sheets (A4, 70gsm).
Maximum binding length: 320 mm.
Maximum binding thickness: 38 mm.
Heating Temperature:150ºC(±10ºC).
Operation Mode: Electric Thermal Binding.
Clamp: Manual.
Warm-Up Time: 2-3 Minutes.
Duty Cycle: 2 Hour On /30 Minute Off.
Voltage: AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
Dimension: 410 x 275 x 210 mm (Approx.).
Weight: 4.5 kg. (Approx.).
CPU Control System.
PTC Ceramic Heating.
Infrared Photoelectric Testing.
Different Time Selection.
Over-Time Protection.
Press Tight By Hand.
Uses: Good for Home, Personal, School, College, Small Business Offices, etc.


Warranty: 6 Months

Standard delivery time is 3 to 4 working days

Kavinstar Brand
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Thermal Binding Machine SK 2008 or Hot Glue Stitching Machine Perfect Desktop Thermal Paper Binder Metal Electric Book Maker thickness 38MM

The majority of heating times are 45 to 120 seconds. Machines can do more than a few arts at one time. This innovative category of the system is one of the best ever and most qualified options for binding our credentials. To choose a better Thermal Binding Machine, we should look at good Thermal Bindings and go with the Binding Machine, what they have used to complete it. There is no competition in the market against Thermal Binding machines.

Thermal Binding Machines SK 2008 took a great place in the people mind as “The Best Machines for Binding”. There are many products in the market to bind, even though they can’t be a good competitor for the Thermal Binding Machines. Thermal Binding Machines has residential techniques, adapters, and trimmings, so our consumers can get an enormous outcome from the widest collection of Thermal Binding materials. They also give a good warranty time for the products. If the products get into some issues, they collect only the shipping charge for the product.

Specification Name: Hot melt binding machine Methods 

  • First turn on the thermal switch machine power switch, so that the binding machine began to warm up.
  • Approximately three minutes after the preheating machine is expected to finish, the green light.
  • Will be stapled pages into the hot melt stapler hot melt jacket, up and down left and right alignment, especially the ridge at the top and bottom knock Qi (below to push in the end, to determine the bottom of the envelope and the machine aluminum contact), the front gray The arc switch gently push the red, red light.
  • About 40 seconds after the green light and then on the hot stamping book, from the hot melt binding machine to take out the text on the cooling rack after two minutes of text forming.
  • With a broad assembling unit and a profoundly particular group of professionals, we can fabricate and supply high-level SK-2008 Thermal Binding Machine.
  • These machines are widely used for the Thermal binding of documents and providing them an impact-full stylish look.
  • We are backed by cutting-edge technology which enables us to fulfill the requirements of our valued clients within the stipulated time period.
  • The thermal binder is very much different from another binder, thermal binding machines bind papers together but for thermal bind, we need a thermal glue folder.
  • Thermal binder machine heats the folder from the glue side after heating glue melt and spared to all papers and bind with the glue strongly; the thermal binder is a parentally bind with glue. 

A Thermal Binding machine can bind multiple documents in one minute. The glue used to seal the spine creates a very clean and professional look for your documents. How does it work? It’s actually very simple. In fact, it’s probably easier than most other types of binding. With the glue already in the spine of the cover, you insert your document in the correct size Cover, place the cover spine side down in the thermal binding machine and touch the start button. That is all there is to it.

The machine will heat and liquefy the “glue” adhesive that has been pre-applied in the spine of the cover so that it binds to the paper you have inserted. In less than a minute the cycle is complete. Once it’s finished, you need to let your document cool for a few minutes so that the glue sets and keeps the paper secure.

Thermal is a more permanent form of binding, which looks very professional, but it’s not that easy to add and remove pages – although it is possible by reheating the spine. Here is a quick guide of step by step instructions:

  • Print your documents and select the correct size Cover.
  • Place your document in the Thermal Cover and jog it in place.
  • Place your document, spine side down, in the Thermal Machine. Touch the start button.
  • The thermal machine will alert you when the process is finished.
  • When the binding cycle is complete, place your document on the cooling rack.
  • Once the adhesive is cooled, your documents are ready to use.




Kavinstar®  is a leading brands engaged in offering customers with a range cash counting machine with fake note detector, paper shredders, paper cutters, laminators & binders with materials. These products are procured from the reliable vendors of the market to ensure optimum quality and durability. These products are immensely used in all kinds of industries, corporates, hospitals, colleges, schools, SME�s, residential apartments, builders, and offices.
Kavinstar Brand

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