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Technical Details
MODEL : OL-320

Laminating Width:  Max. 320 mm (A/3)
Laminating Thickness: 75 to 250 Micron
Laminating Speed: Up to 80 cm/minute

Running Circle: 2 Hour

Warm Up Time: 2.5 Minute
Weight: 8 kg. (Approx.)

Dimension: 295 x 498 x 97 mm

Size Available: 12″

Suitable to Laminate: ID Card  to A4/A3 Size Document

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Lamination Machine for ID Cards /PVC, Certificates, Documents and A4/A3 Papers with Complete Safety Have you ever felt disgusted and sad because your ID card or any document have lost its value as it was left unprotected for years? If yes, then you would surely know that such issues could be solved by laminating the document. What is lamination? For those who do not know, it is a simple process of enclosing and bonding documents or paper between two pieces of clear plastic film. The purpose of the plastic film is to add strength, rigidity, and protection to the paper or document bonded between it. Benefits of having a lamination machine  Lamination is a process that protects the paper or document enclosed between it  A lamination machine enables the user to laminate any paper, therefore, increase the durability of the print material.  Lamination adds protection to the print material against smudges, fingerprint, stains, tears, and wrinkles.  Laminating through lamination machine will enhance the appearance of the print material as they are designed to enhance the color of the print.  Lamination increases the lifetime of the print material  If you are a person who prefers carrying documents like driving license, voters ID, and Aadhaar card. Then you know in its original condition it could tear and prove useless, however, laminating these documents can help you increase its life. Recommended print material that should be laminated  Government documents  Certificates  Education and training material  Maps and bookmarks  Reusable hash tags  Safety instructions  Maintenance procedure  Warning signs  Sales presentation materials With all these things shared, I would like to remind you that it is not easy to select the best lamination machine from the market today.


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