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Paper Shredders, Paper Cutters, Bill Counters, Binding, and Lamination machines Manufacturers in India

Kavinstar is the leading manufacturer and distributor of World Class Banking, Business, and Office Automation Products in India.

Kavinstar offers best Pre-sales, Product positioning & Perfect after service. Kavinstar has set new benchmarks in the industry by offering highly efficient and quality products along with superior client services at utmost competitive prices to offer our clients a competitive advantage & create value for their businesses.

Kavinstar Machines & Office Products

Paper Shredders, Currency Counting Machines, Fake Note Detectors, Note Binding Machines, Note Sorting Machine, Paper Folding Machine, Inserters, Addressing Systems, Lamination Machine, Comb, Spiral, Wire and Thermal Binding Machines. 

Why Kavinstar Office Automation Products Industry

Leading design, Powerful, Fast, Reliable
Quality, Precise, Features meet all needs
Compliance with the highest safety standards
To ensure top-notch quality and achieve customer satisfaction, all our quality machines come with exceptional “after the sale” service provided by highly experienced service technicians and customer sales staff with over 10 years of experience in the industry. 

Our Mission

Kavinstar is a customer-oriented company, committed to providing the highest quality products and reliable services to meet the needs of our customers.
To become a market leader by innovative approach & adopting World-class practices.
To achieve a higher level of satisfaction of customers through excellence in quality is our mission.  

Our Vision

To offer Engineering Solutions at an affordable cost bridging the gap between Technology and End User.

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Paper Shredders

Protect your identity, financial data, and important business information with a high quality paper shredder. For most businesses, a shredding machine isn’t just a necessity, it is the law. Don’t allow your information or your customer’s information to fall into the wrong hands. Choose a strip cut, crosscut, micro-cut, high security or industrial shredder and step your security today with options from Kavinstar.

Personal Paper Shredders

Feel secure after shredding your and your family’s personal information at home. With this smaller line of personal shredders, you can enjoy the convenience of destroying sensitive information at home without breaking the bank. Here at kavinstar, we offer this line in strip cut (good), cross-cut(better), and micro-cut(best) to cover all ranges of security. We carry all trusted and well-known name brands in the shredding industry. Most of these will fit conveniently under a desk and are lightweight for easy mobility. Browse our options below, organized by price, and keep you and your family’s information protected with this line today!

Small Office Paper Shredders

Sensitive client or company information is nothing to mess around with, you want to make sure things like this are properly destroyed right in your office. For your smaller office or lower volume needs, the small office paper shredder line is perfect. This line is offered in strip cut (good), cross-cut (better), and micro-cut (best). Complete with your favorite brand kavinstar is a sure bet when it comes to destroying important information for you or your customers. Check out our large selection below and see what our popular brand offers!

Large Office Paper Shredders

Destroy your office’s sensitive information with power and volume, introducing, our large office paper shredders. This line is ideal for both, high-volume offices and highly populated offices with many users. We offer these in strip cut (good), cross-cut (better), micro-cut (better yet), and particle cut (best). We have these available in the best brand Kavinstar in the industry.

Industrial Shredders

If you or your organization is in need of a workhorse machine optimizing capacity, volume, and effectiveness, then you’re looking in the right place. Our line of industrial shredders is ever-versatile, being able to eat up a multitude of paper and other products. We are also introducing the capability to bale and shred with our new line of shredder baler systems. We offer an assortment of the industries finest and most trusted brand Kavinstar.

Binding Machines

If you need a binding machine for your office or workspace, you have come to the right place. We carry more binding machines and bookbinding systems than any other company on the Internet. No one knows more about these products than we do. We carry systems for traditional plastic comb, wire-o, and spiral coil binding as well as the Velobind and ProClick systems. If you’re new to the market please call, email, or chat if you have any questions!

Pouch Laminators

If you are looking for a Pouch Laminator, you have come to the right place. Kavinstar carries a huge selection of pouch laminators for almost any project. Whether you are looking for a small 4″ model for laminating ID badges or nametags, a medium-sized unit for laminating letters or legal-sized documents, or a large commercial duty system capable of laminating menus and small posters, we have them all.


Cut your pages to size with the appropriate paper cutter. Whether trimming a single page or cutting a large stack, we have the paper cutter for you. We offer budget-friendly cutters, as well as machines that optimize your precision and productivity. We have the best cutters/trimmers for individuals, schools, and businesses.

Bill Counters

Kavinstar’s range of bill counters is designed to meet your demanding cash counting needs. Featuring the latest technology, built with quality materials and backed up by a 1-year warranty, Kavinstar bill counters are the top choice of many businesses.
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